Fight Tyranny! Decentralize DC.

Join the Mises Caucus’s Project Decentralized Revolution. Enter one of thousands of local races around the country and make an immediate difference in the lives of your friends and neighbors. Together, our team of liberty candidates will make history nationwide.

Liberty begins at the local level

Don’t be nihilistic about the difficulty of breaking into national politics. While, often overlooked, there are 3,000+ county elections and many thousands more elections at the city and town level. That means there are over 3000 opportunities to stand against government overreach.

COVID lockdowns made clear that your actual freedom depends on who your community elects for governor, mayor, and sheriff.

The Critical Race Theory contagion demonstrates that whether your kids are educated in public, private, or home school settings, the society they will inherit is sculpted in part by your local school board.

Marijuana prohibition and gun control will be fought back by nullification of unconstitutional federal law.

Whether by local codes directing police priorities or directly electing sheriffs, DA’s and others who aren’t interested in enforcing those laws, nullification is possible even for the smallest locality and it starts with bold Libertarian candidates.

Local races are easier to win than national races. There are numerous races that are not “exciting” in the sense that they do not have any outside money flowing in, or in some cases, any opposing candidates at all. But even contested races are winnable with support from the Mises Caucus – Project Decentralized Revolution.

Epic tales are told for generations about men and women that stood and fought back, odds of success be damned. The spark, the burning, the deep primal desire to be free compels us to something greater. It compels us to struggle on, to grind day after day, to give of our selves so that our children will be free. If you’re looking for people that share your passion to be free, that will spend every ounce of energy they have in that pursuit and will fight like hell to secure freedom, we welcome you and we will support you. The Mises Caucus Candidate Support Program is a force multiplier for your campaign that will help maximize your time, effort and pursuit of Liberty!

Candidate Support Program, State of Georgia Gubernatorial candidate

Introducing… Project Decentralized Revolution

Fresh off the heels of our takeover of the national Libertarian Party, the Mises Caucus is preparing the next phase of our urgent mission – Project Decentralized Revolution. Our objective is to recruit, train, and support 100+ local candidates in 2023.

For qualified Libertarian candidates, the Mises Caucus offers training, strategic planning, access to campaign tools, and a network of awesome alumni along with a myriad of volunteers with both professional experience and artistic talent.

Here are a few of the benefits of running as a Libertarian with the Mises Caucus…

  • Gain access to a set of campaign tools and the know-how to deploy them effectively

  • Take part in the Mises Caucus candidate training program, with training from our in-house alumni and from outside sources such as The Leadership Institute

  • Workshop your strategic plan with our candidate support team, our network of Mises Caucus alumni who have won their local races, and with our 250+ state organizers

  • Access our vast network of volunteer talent for help in every aspect of your campaign’s management, advertising & marketing, and for boots on the ground for block walking and other Get Out The Vote efforts

Knowing that, now is a great time to:

Our previous mission… #RenoReset

In May 2022, the Mises Caucus took over the national Libertarian Party, achieving a historic sweep of every elected seat.

Now, the Mises Caucus is turning the power of our membership and state organizer teams to focus on local races.

Running for office brings a lot of challenges. It is physically, emotionally and psychologically exhausting. Receiving an endorsement from the Mises Caucus helped me get through my campaign. Aside from monetary support, it was the community that was most important. The amount of support that comes from an endorsement can make the difference between an OK candidate and a great one. I’m so honored to be part of an amazing movement.

Candidate Support Program, Elected Libertarian, Rosamond, CA Municipal Advisory Committee

For those who are not yet sure

Why run as a Libertarian? Libertarians can’t win!

Libertarians already hold local elected offices across the country. Getting many more Libertarians elected to these positions is a key goal of Project Decentralized Revolution.

Local governments played the single most important role in determining what freedoms their citizens were “allowed” to have during COVID lockdowns. Some local governments have also shown an increased tendency to defy the federal government on a range of issues. Even if you consider today’s level of nullification insignificant, this local nullification of national tyranny is on the verge of expanding dramatically. As the dollar reaches its final days, the ultimate power Washington has over states, businesses, municipalities, foreign governments, and US citizens is set to evaporate. As Ron Paul suggests, “the states will just ignore Washington.”

Sounds great to us! But if that shoe is eventually going to drop, let’s make sure there are as many Libertarians in local politics as possible to ensure we aren’t overrun by communism. As Mises Caucus Libertarians, we are armed with the strongest arguments about sound money, individual liberty and the dangers of government intervention. Even if you are the only liberty representative in your local government, your lone voice will bring sunshine to issues affecting your community that your colleagues would rather sweep under the rug. As Ron Paul showed, even as a lone “no” vote, being elected to government gives you a platform to educate the masses about our desperate need to defend and fully restore Liberty.

Won’t Libertarians spoil an important race?

The first thing Libertarian candidates and voters hear from Republican and Democrat partisans is that any vote for a Libertarian is a “wasted vote” that will “spoil” the election for one side or the other.

They’re right—if you believe the unbelievably arrogant notion that votes belong to candidates or political parties. But if you believe that each vote belongs to the person casting it, the only wasted vote is to vote for someone who doesn’t respect your rights simply because they are the “lesser of two evils.”

But why vote for evil at all? Why not cast a vote for someone whose values align with your own?

Even if they don’t win, your vote for a Libertarian is a signal that you no longer support the system that has gotten us into the mess we’re in. It tells other people who are also fed up that they can withdraw their support too.

Voting for Team Red or Team Blue just because they are not quite as bad as the other team tells them that their candidates don’t actually need to be better. They will never really listen unless enough people stand strong between them and the only thing they care about, which is getting elected.

Okay, maybe those candidates don’t deserve my vote. But I don’t have campaign experience!

Even novice candidates are at home with the Mises Caucus! By running as a Libertarian with the Mises Caucus, you will receive training that takes you from the decision to run through building a strategy and a team. We will link you with mentors that have campaign experience and won their race.

If we’re being honest, not having experience as a professional politician is a strength, not a weakness. As conditions continue to deteriorate in America, people are desperate for another voice and are increasingly turning to anyone but establishment politicians for answers.

I may not be establishment, but I also don’t have time to run for office.

It sounds like a lot and we would be lying if we didn’t say there’s work. But the Mises Caucus is here to help. With a volunteer team we help you assemble and a little support from your local Mises affiliate, you can run for local office.

Even if you’re not ready to announce a campaign, get engaged in your community now! Building a little name recognition early will save you time when you do decide to run a campaign.

The smallest municipal elections in the United States affect the lives of tens of millions Americans in the largest ways, but even for their size, these elections can be overwhelming for the first time candidate. The Mises Caucus Candidate Support Program uses first hand knowledge and experience to prepare Libertarian candidates for effective municipal races for city council and beyond.

Candidate Support Program, Elected Libertarian, Clarksburg, WV City Council

Join Us Today

Recruitment has already begun for 2023 candidates. Join the Mises Caucus in Project Decentralized Revolution. Run as a proud Libertarian in one of the many local races available to you. Help fight Washington’s tyranny from your own neighborhood.