Human Action Tour – Oakland

Take Human Action Tour 2023: Oakland, CA
May 13-14

Featuring: Michael Rectenwald, Ian Crossland, Clint Russell, Per Bylund, Scott Horton, Michael Boldin

Hosted by: Jeff Douglas

Sunday Candidate Training by: Grassroots Leadership Academy

Scott Horton

Ian Crossland

Michael Rectenwald

Michael Rectenwald

Michael Boldin

Clint Russell

Per Bylund

CA Mises Caucus

What is the California Mises Caucus?

We are a Political Action Committee (PAC) organized to promote the principles of Austrian economics and libertarianism throughout California.


  • Austrian economics;
  • political decentralization, localization, and nullification;
  • a foreign policy of non-interventionism, peaceful diplomacy and armed neutrality;
  • we aim to support Libertarian Party candidates at the state or local level;
  • to recruit and organize donors, members, and candidates to run for political office and Libertarian Party officer positions, as well as initiate and/or support ballot initiatives, and referendums.