Join the Revolution

Getting involved in the Mises Caucus starts with joining our mailing list. A member of our State Organizers team will reach out to discuss caucus membership, volunteer and local campaign opportunities.

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Take Human Action

The pursuit of liberty depends on the involvement of as many of us as possible. And we are just getting started. There are many ways to join the Decentralized Revolution: you can become a caucus member, volunteer, attend Mises events, run as a libertarian candidate in a local race in your community, and donate. Get started by signing up for our email list and a state organizer will be in touch.

Donate to the Mises PAC

2023 is an exciting year full of opportunities to advance the cause of liberty. The Mises Caucus will be focusing on 2 things in 2023 that your donations will help us pursue:

1. Issue Coalitions We will continue to mobilize our organizing teams around Shutdowns, Gun Rights, Drug Decriminalization, Criminal Justice Reform and Occupational Licensing at the local and county level by lobbying local legislators, knocking doors, and introducing nullification legislation.

2. Local-level Candidates Thru Project Decentralized Revolution and, the Mises Caucus is placing a massive emphasis on organizing Libertarians to run for local races (mayor, city council, sheriff, judge, school board). These winnable local races help build the Libertarian brand while nullifying federal tyranny and making a meaningful difference in the lives of everyday people.