Grassroots ain’t seen nothing yet

Let’s show the tyrants in DC that they aren’t all-powerful. Be a part of the new Liberty culture, nullify DC and make the best friends you’ll ever have.


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Do we need to recap the global situation for a second?

We’re facing costly inflation, painful recession, and commodities shortages across the board. Governments worldwide are sending their countries into disasters of failed central planning, with historic energy shortages and loss of life as an immediate consequence. Economic ignorance and the zeitgeist of the omnipotent state is spilling over into every corner of our lives.

We are feeling the visceral effects of stupid policies devised by politicians thousands of miles away, and it’s easy to feel the darkness is creeping in. But what do we do about it? Succumb to nihilism, or stand up and say “I opt out of this tyranny”?

You know where we stand. We’re fighting the good fight with our friends at our side. We must remember that we have a moral duty to tell the truth; the truth is a light that drives out darkness. And we’re bringing the truth to a city near you.

Libertarian philosophy serves as a bulwark against Statist ideologies. Let’s move the needle in the other direction for a change… We’re excited to introduce Project Decentralized Revolution!

Calling All Libertarian Candidates…

In October 2022, the Mises Caucus launched Through, the Mises Caucus will recruit, train and support 100+ local candidates in 2023 for races such as city council, school board, mayor, sheriff, and judge.

COVID lockdowns made clear that your actual freedom depends on who your community elects for governor, mayor, and sheriff.

The Critical Race Theory contagion demonstrates that whether your kids are educated in public, private, or home school settings, the society they will inherit is sculpted in part by your local school board.

Marijuana prohibition and gun control will be fought back by nullification of unconstitutional federal law.

Whether by local codes directing police priorities or directly electing sheriffs, DA’s and others who aren’t interested in enforcing those laws, nullification is possible even for the smallest locality and it starts with bold Libertarian candidates.

As of November 2022, more than 100 candidates and more than 50 campaign managers have signed up to Run As a Libertarian with the Mises Caucus. Training for these candidates and campaign managers has already started, but more applications are being accepted.

Project Decentralized Revolution is an extension of the Mises Caucus Four Prong Strategy

  • Party Organizing

    What would happen if we got our ideas in front of every American? Make the Libertarian Party the vanguard for individual rights, make it effective, and make sure it is LOUDEST in the moments when it is needed the most.

  • Local Races

    Keep local governments small by filling them with Libertarians. Use city council, school board, mayor, sheriff, and judge to nullify unconstitutional mandates from Washington, DC.

  • Issue Coalitions

    We’re making friends with organizations who are making progress on single issues important to individual liberty. These single issue groups are often experts in expressing their ideas so we learn something too!

  • Liberty Culture

    We’re fighting back against the wave of nihilism creeping through society. Meet badass people and make the best friends you’ve ever had while learning more about libertarian philosophy.

Making your most generous donation TODAY is critical to the success of our strategy!

Our previous mission… #RenoReset

In May 2022, the Mises Caucus took over the national Libertarian Party, achieving a historic sweep of every elected seat.
Now, the Mises Caucus is turning the power of our membership and state organizer teams to focus on local races and to spread Liberty culture.

I started the Mises Caucus to make the LP something that the liberty movement and the Ron Paul Revolution can be proud of. We’re all about unapologetic, truthful, and principled messaging, combined with a radical, yet realistic, strategy of focusing locally on nullification and decentralization through both candidates and coalitions. The Mises Caucus is proud and excited to announce our long-term focus and commitment to this vision with Project Decentralized rEVOLution! #TakeHumanAction with us!

Mises Caucus Founder

Don’t Lose Hope

Are you in the weeds making Liberty happen and have become a little burned out and discouraged? It’s time to sharpen the saw and see the big picture again. As we launch Project Decentralized Revolution, the next chapter in our Mises Caucus saga – remember that participating in the community can be a rejuvenating and inspiring experience.


Donate, sign up today and have something to look forward to! Whether or not you are able to attend in person, please consider sending your most generous gift to the Mises Caucus & Project Decentralized Revolution!