After many weeks, if not months, of recruiting and planning, we are proud to present our 22-person slate of endorsed candidates (pictured above) for your consideration at the 2024 Libertarian National Convention, which kicks off in just two weeks.

Although, Dr. Michael Rectenwald, Clint Russell, and Angela McArdle are the most well-known names on the list, all 22 are accomplished and committed Libertarians who have made a courageous decision to volunteer for a difficult—and often thankless—task for no other reason that they love liberty and are passionate about having a Libertarian Party that will lead the entire libertarian movement in achieving the goals of Project Decentralized Revolution.

We have hundreds of delegates from all 50 states packing their bags for DC right now, and we’re doing everything we can to see that all of them can get to DC and have a place to sleep when they get there.

So if you want to make sure all 22 Decentralize DC candidates are chosen to lead our party, please make a generous contribution to Mises PAC today at THIS LINK.