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  • The former Bolivian president Morales has accepted asylum in Mexico. [Link]
  • Bolivian Senator Jeanine Anez declares herself interim president. [Link]


  • European governments agree to work on 13 new weapons projects. The projects will increase Europe’s independence from the US. [Link]


  • An Islamic State affiliate is blamed for an attack near the Tajikistan/Uzbekistan border. 15 militants were killed as well as a soldier and a police officer. [Link]


  • Afghanistan will release three Taliban members – including the leader of the Haqqani Network. In exchange for the Taliban release American and Australian professors. [Link]
  • A US airstrike killed four Afghan soldiers. [Link] The US envoy to Afghanistan says the US supports the swap. [Link]

Middle East

  • At least ten people have been killed by the Israeli bombing of Gaza. The fighting started when an Israeli airstrike killed the leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad and his wife. Israel is calling up reserve soldiers in response. [Link]
  • One person was killed during protests in Lebanon. [Link]
  • A senior administration official says the US has no intention of ending its alliance with the Syrian Kurdish militia. [Link]
  • The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports two civilians were killed by Turkish forces during a joint Turkish/Russian parol through a Kurdish city. [Link]
  • US drones captured video of Turkish backed Syria rebels committing war crimes against Syrian civilians. [Link]
  • France agrees to take back 11 suspected jihadists from Turkey. [Link]


  • The US sanctions the leader of al-Qaeda in Mali. [Link]
  • The Democratic Republic of the Congo forces killed the leader of a militant Hutu group. [Link] The Congolese Army also claimed to kill 25 Islamist militants. [Link]

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