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U.S. News

Roku deletes the InfoWars app. [Link]

US veterans who are suffering from illnesses caused by Burn Pits lose a decade long court case. The Supreme Court rejected their appeal. [Link]


U.S. Foreign Policy

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin tells the Senate to allow the White House to ease sanctions on some Russian companies. [Link]

Gareth Porter breaks down the inner politics of the Trump Administration’s foreign policy. [Link]

Patrick Cockburn explains how Western interventions in the Middle East are driving immigration to Europe. [Link]

An American journalist who works for Iran’s state media has been detained in the US without being charged. The journalist is being held as a material witness. [Link]



Four Americans were killed by a bombing in Syria. At least 16 people were killed in the attack claimed by ISIS. [Link]

The US has placed 4,500 Marines and a squadron of F-35s on standby to support the withdrawal of forces from Syria. [Link]

Trump proposes a 20-mile safe zone along the border of Turkey and Syria Kurdistan border. Turkey’s president backed the safe zone. The Syria Kurds rejected the proposal. The Kurds want the involvement of the UN and an international army to enforce the safe zone. [Link]

Syrian rebel groups position to attack the Syrian Kurdish held Syria of Manbij are waiting for orders from Tukey. [Link]



New Documents released by FOIA reveal the US trained the Emeriti Air Force for the Yemen War. The Pentagon has denied training the Saudi Coalition for the war. [Link]

The House is expected to vote on a Yemen War Powers bill within six weeks. [Link]



21 people were killed by al-Shabaab gunmen at a hotel complex in Kenya. [Link]

Protests in Zimbabwe left three people dead. The government arrested over 200 protesters. The military has been deployed to ‘keep order.’ [Link]


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