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US Foreign Policy

Trump says the US will add 20 missile defense positions in Alaska and invest in space-based missile defense. [Link]

Senator Rand Paul says Trump will remove US troops from Syrian and some troops from Afghanistan. [Link]

Daniel Larison explains Hillary Clinton’s policies helped drive Syria into war and chaos. [Link]


The New Cold War

The Senate fails to prevent Trump from lifting sanctions on a Russian company. [Link]

The US rejects an offer from Russia to resolve the issues with the INF Treaty. The US will withdraw from the treaty next month. [Link]


South America

A car bombing in Colombia kills ten. [Link]

Venezuela’s opposition leader was briefly arrested by the Maduro government. [Link]

US and Brazilian diplomats meet with Venezuelan opposition leaders. [Link]


Afghan Peace Talks

The Taliban are threatening to end peace talks with the US. The Taliban are concerned with a refusal from the US to discuss a US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. [Link]

Pakistan is attempting to develop new talks between the US and the Taliban. [Link]  


Syria Troop Withdraw

Jason Ditz argues staying in Syria gives ISIS what they need. [Link]

French president Macron says French troops will remain in Iraq and Syria for at least another year. [Link]

Foreign Policy Focus #299- The Borg Uses Dead Soldiers to Question Syria Withdraw guest Will Porter

The Legacy Media has used fear to push back against the planned withdraw of US forces from Syria. [Link]



At least ten people have been killed by fighting in Libya’s capital. [Link]

Al-Shabaab claims the Kenya attack was a response to the US moving the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem. [Link]

A child and a doctor were killed police during protests in Sudan. Sudanese police are using less lethal weapons attempting to suppress protests. [Link]


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