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  • Robert Mueller ends his investigation into the Russiagate conspiracy. He has sent his report to the Attorney General to be reviewed. There will be no future indictments from the Mueller investigation. There is still no public evidence of any illegal activity between Trump and the Russian government. [Link]
  • Attorney General Barr issue a letter to Congress describing the Mueller report. He explains Mueller established there was no connection between Trump and Russia in rigging the 2016 elections. Barr said there was an investigation into Trump obstructing the Mueller probe, however, there was not enough evidence to indict Trump.  [Link]
  • Caitlin Johnstone: Mock the Russiagaters
  • Matt Taibbi: The press embarrassed themselves during Russiagate
  • Peter Van Buren: It was all a lie

US News

  • Chelsea Manning is being held in solitary confinement. She is only allowed to leave her cell between 1-3 AM. [Link]
  • The Pentagon’s dismal accounting practices is causing massive problems and allows for corruption. [Link]
  • FEMA exposes the personal bank account information of 2.3 million Americans who were victims of disasters. [Link]
  • The EFF argues license plate tracking data should be protected by the 4th Amendment. [Link]

North Korea

  • Trump says he will halt new sanctions from being placed on North Korea. The Treasury had announced the new sanctions on North Korea. [Link]  


  • Two American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan. [Link]


  • The US backed Syrian Kurdish SDF declare victory over the Islamic Caliphate. [Link]
  • The Red Cross warns the humanitarian conditions in northern Syria are getting worse. [Link]

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