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Defense Spending

Matt Taibbi explains how the government can now legally lie on public spending reports. [Link]

The 2019 defense budget has nearly $20 billion in earmarks. [Link]


The House passes a bill that will prevent any US funds from being uses to withdraw NATO. [Link]  

Pat Buchanan: It’s time to rethink NATO

Pro-NATO Yulia Tymoshenko enters the Ukrainian presidential race. She is leading in polling. [Link]


At least 93 people have died from a pipeline explosion in Mexico. [Link]

Middle East News

Japan resumes importing Iranian oil. [Link]

Lt Col Daniel Davis explains that US troops in Syria will not prevent terror attacks in the US. [Link]

Iraqi lawmakers are pushing for a timeline on US troop withdraw from Syria. [Link]

On Saturday, Saudi Arabia carried out 24 airstrikes targeting Yemen’s capital. Saudi claimed to be targeting Houthi drone factories. At least two civilians were killed. [Link]

Africa News

Ethiopian forces battle al-Shabaab in southern Somalia. [Link]

The US claims to kill 52 al-Shabaab militants with an airstrike in Somalia. [Link]

Ten UN peacekeepers were killed in Mali. [Link]

An al-Qaeda affiliate group claims responsibility for the attack. [Link]

Congo’s top court declares Felix Tshisekedi winner of the presidential election. His opponents continue to challenge the legitimacy of his victory. [Link]

Martin Fayulu declares himself the winner of Congo presidential elections. [Link]

Zimbabwe shuts off the internet in response to protests. [Link]


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