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Cory Booker announces he is running for president in 2020. [Link]

NBC claims Tulsi Gabbard is being supported by Russian propaganda. [Link]

Glenn Greenwald debunks NBC’s claims. [Link]


Maduro agrees to hold early parliamentary elections. [Link]

The European Parliament votes to recognize Juan Guaido as president of Venezuela. [Link]

Trump says using the military in Venezuela is an option. [Link]

NSA John Bolton says US, Brazilian, or Colombian military intervention into Venezuela is not imminent. [Link]

Senate minority whip Dick Durbin calls for regime change in Venezuela. [Link]

INF Treaty

The US announces it is leaving the INF Treaty. The US will terminate the treaty in six months. [Link]

Russia responds by taking mirroring steps. [Link]

Tulsi Gabbard attacks Trump’s decision to leave the INF Treaty. [Link]  

Democrats on the House Armed Services Committee are critical of Trump’s decision to leave the INF Treaty. [Link]

Syria and Afghanistan

Trump Tweets it is time to start coming home from Afghanistan and Syria. [Link]

Trump says the US can redeploy to Syria and Afghanistan if jihadists reemerge. [Link]

Afghanistan’s election commission fires 3,000 people over fraud in Afghanistan’s first round of voting. [Link]

Al-Qaeda is consolidating power in Idlib Syria. Al-Qaeda’s growth is threatening the ceasefire with the Syrian Army. [Link]

France is planning to repatriate captured ISIS members and their families. The ISIS members are held by the Syrian Kurds. The planned withdraw of the US from Syria promoted the move by France. [Link]


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