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US News

Wikileaks is suing the US to reveal any secret charges against Julian Assange. [Link]

Michael Treacy on the latest BuzzFeed Russiagate blunder. [Link]


The State Department withdraws non-emergency personnel from Venezuela and issues a warning advising Americans not travel to Venezuela. [Link]

Great Power Rivalries

Russia displays the short-range missile the US claims is in violation of the INF Treaty. The US claims that Russia must allow the US to examine the missile and displaying the missile is not enough to save the INF Treaty. [Link]

The US sails warships through the Taiwan Strait. The US has sailed warships through the Taiwan Strait three times since October. [Link]


A airstrike in Afghanistan kills 16 civilians. [Link]

The US and Taliban made some progress during peace talks. The US promises to withdraw forces from Afghanistan and the Taliban promise to keep Afghanistan for becoming a safe haven for jihadists. [Link]

Middle East

Russia says the de escalation created in Idlib Syria is falling apart. [Link]

Heavy fighting broke out in and around Hodeidah. A ceasefire had reduced fighting in the city for several months. [Link]


Forces loyal to Haftar in Eastern Libya say the UN Envoy is an opponent. [Link]

The US will no longer report the details of US airstrikes in Somalia. [Link]

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