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US News

  • Facebook is looking at cracking down on ‘anti-vaxers.’ [Link]
  • San Francisco will expunge the records of over 8,000 marijuana convictions. [Link
  • Col Douglas Macgregor explain how Trump has created a possible path to peace with North Korea. [Link]

US Foreign Policy

  • Trump nominates US Ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft to be the Ambassador to the UN. [Link]
  • Mikhail Gorbachev warns about the concerning status of nuclear weapons treaties. [Link]
  • Pat Buchanan explains how foolish it would be for the US to attempt regime change in Iran or Venezuela. [Link]
  • At the Munich meeting, EUCOM leader General Scaparrotti told Sen Lindsey Graham that leaving Syria would be a disaster. [Link] Senator Graham also yelled at acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan. [Link]
  • Andrew Bacevich on American losing its position as Hegemon. [Link]


  • A video surfaces showing Venezuelan opposition setting an aid truck on fire with a molotov cocktail. Initial reporting suggested the Venezuelan government was responsible for setting the truck on fire. The truck as part of a US operation on Saturday to bring aid into Venezuelan in defiance of the Venezuelan government. [Link]
  • Vice President Mike Pence announces new sanctions against Venezuela. [Link]
  • The US is flying more spy planes near Venezuela. [Link]  


  • The US sails two warships through the Taiwan Strait. [Link]
  • China and Saudi Arabia sign $28 billion in economic agreements [Link]

India & Pakistan

  • India will divert water that flows into Pakistan. [Link]
  • Eric Margolis explains the dangers of India and Pakistan rattling their nuclear sabers. [Link]
  • India carried out airstrikes in Pakistani administered Kashmir. [Link]
  • Pakistan shot down two of the attacking Indian fighter jets. Two Indian pilots were captured. Pakistan carried out airstrikes in Indian administered Kashmir. The strikes were directed at empty area as a show of force. [Link]
  • India is moving 1,000s of troops into positions for a potential attack on Pakistan. India has arrested 100s of Kashmiris in response to a suicide bombing that killed 40 India soldiers. [Link]


  • Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif announces his resignation. [Link]


  • The US carries out four airstrikes in Somalia and claims to kill two al-Shabaab fighters. [Link] In a separate strike, the US claims to kill 35 al-Shabaab fighters. [Link]  
  • In 2018, peace agreements reduced fighting in South Sudan. However, the humanitarian crisis did not improve. [Link]
  • Sudan’s President Bashir declares a state of emergency and dissolves the government. [Link]
  • Three UN Peacekeepers were killed by unidentified gunmen in Mali. [Link]
  • Over 3,800 civilians were killed and over 7,000 injured in Afghanistan during 2018. The number is a record high since data started to be tracked in 2009. [Link]
  • The next round of Afghan peace talks will include the leader of the Taliban. [Link]


  • Yves Engler explains Canadian special operations forces are likely deployed to Haiti helping to prevent a popular uprising against Haiti’s leadership. Engler details the US and Canadian role in Haitian regime change. [Link]


  • The UN court rules the UK should return the Chagos Islands – including Diego Garcia which is the home of a US airbase – back to Mauritius. [Link]
  • Thomas Harrington argues the former Catalan leaders are facing unfair persecution. [Link]


  • The US claims an airstrike killed 20 al-Shabaab militants in Somalia. {Link]
  • A gunman kills nine people in a refugee camp outside of Mogadishu. Al-Shabaab is suspected to be responsible for the attack. [Link]  
  • France claims to kill 15 Islamist militants with an airstrike in Mali. [Link]


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