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US News

  • Amazon removes ‘anti-vax’ content from Prime Video. [Link]
  • Trump says he will sign an executive order that requires colleges to protect free speech to get federal research grants. [Link]
  • The Supreme Court blocks the execution of a man whose dementia prevents him from understanding the reason he is being punished. The man spent 33 years in solitary confinement. [Link]
  • The Post Office is using the Mail Cover Program to scan the front and back of envelopes. The Post Office makes the scans available to federal law enforcement without a warrant. [Link]


  • Senator Rand Paul says he will vote for a bill that rejects Trump’s national emergency to build the wall. [Link]
  • The Trump Administration expands the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy. The policy requires asylum seekers to wait for their hearing in Mexico. [Link]

Michael Cohen

  • Peter Van Buren explains that the Michael Cohen Congressional hearing did not provide any evidence of collusion with Russia. [Link]

North Korea

  • A North Korean official says talks between Trump and Kim ended because the US rejected a North Korean proposal for sanctions relief in exchange for steps towards denuclearization. [Link]
  • Jeffrey Lewis explains why Trump should have taken Kim Jong-un’s proposed agreement at Hanoi. The agreement would have closed parts of key North Korean nuclear facility. [Link]  
  • The US is planning to end large scale war games with South Korea. [Link]


  • India and Pakistan halted clashes along the Line of Control in Kashmir on Sunday. [Link]
  • Pakistan released an Indian pilot. The pilot was captured during an Indian attack on Pakistani Kashmir. [Link]
  • Robert Fisk explains how Israel and India are deepening ties. Fisk argues the relationship could help increase tensions between India and Pakistan. [Link]


  • The UN finds Israel may have committed crimes against humanity with the lethal suppression of Palestinian protests in 2018. [Link
  • Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu will likely be indicted on corruption charges. [Link]

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