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US News

  • FDA leader Scott Gottlieb resigns. [Link]
  • Joe Lauria explains how the 1st Amendment protects Wikileaks. [Link]
  • Milwaukee county sheriff’s office will stop sharing information with ICE. [Link]
  • Border Patrol reports a huge spike in apprehensions of migrants on the southern border. [Link]


  • Maduro declares the German ambassador persona non grata. The ambassador was a strong supporter of Guaido’s claim to power. [Link]
  • Ted Snider explains why Maduro rejected US aid. The US has a history of using aid to undermine government and smuggle weapons to the opposition. [Link]

Korean Peace

  • Reports claim North Korea is rebuilding a missile test site that was partially deconstructed after the first summit between Trump and Kim. A roof was added to a building and a door was fixed. [Link]
  • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the US will continue talks with North Korea. The US will send a negotiating team to North Korea in the next few weeks. [Link]
  • Ron Paul breaks down the role John Bolton may have played in killing a deal in Hanoi. [Link]

The Philippines

  • A Catholic Bishop in the Philippines is calling on Saudi Arabia to halt the execution of a Filipino woman. She was convicted of murdering her employer. The bishop argues the woman was abused by her employer. [Link]
  • Pat Buchanan argues Trump made a mistake by allowing Mike Pompeo to reaffirm the US defense pact with the Philippines. The Philippines have an ongoing territorial dispute with China. [Link]
  • The Philippines Defense Secretary is pushing for his country to review the strategic value of their defense pact with the US. Some in the Philippines fear the US could drag them into a war with China. [Link]


  • The Taliban breached an Afghan Army base that housed US Marines. No American casualties were reported. [Link]
  • Militants killed 16 people at a construction company in Afghanistan. [Link]
  • Senator Rand Paul argues that the mission in Afghanistan is over. Paul argues that leaving a small US force in Afghanistan could lead to a possible massacre. [Link]  

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