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US News

  • The Senate votes 59-41 on a resolution that kills Trump’s national emergency to build the wall. [Link]
  • Chelsea Manning released important information the American people needed to know. [Link]
  • Twitter is testing big changes. Twitter is looking to mimic features offered on SnapChat and to hide post engagement numbers. [Link]
  • A quarter of the 2020 military budget is the OCO fund. The fund is considered a slush fund for the Pentagon. [Link]

Nuclear Weapons

  • Joint Chiefs commander General Dunford calls for the US to have a first strikes nuclear option. [Link]
  • The Pentagon will begin making parts for missiles that violate the INF Treaty. [Link]
  • The Trump Administration is now asking North Korea to completely surrender before getting any sanctions relief. [Link]
  • Over 50 diplomats and generals urge the US to rejoin the Iran nuclear agreement. [Link]
  • Conn Hallinan argues for global denuclearization. [Link]


  • US B-52s fly over the South China Sea near islands claimed by China. [Link]
  • 46% of American’s view China’s economic power as a critical threat. [Link]

Middle East

  • Over 1,100 Syrian children died from the war in 2018. [Link]
  • The State Department releases a report finding Turkey killed civilians during their invasion of Afrin, Syria. [Link]
  • Rockets were fired near Tel Aviv. Israel responded by bombing Gaza. [Link]


  • Egypt reports fighting in the Sinai killed three soldiers and 46 militants. [Link]
  • US airstrikes have killed 225 people in Somalia during 2019. [Link]


  • The Senate passes a Yemen War Powers bill 54-46. Trump is expected to veto the bill.
  • The best path to Congress to end US involvement in the Yemen War is to defund it. [Link]
  • Amnesty International alleges Saudi backed forces raped three Yemeni boys. [Link]

US/Israel Relationship

  • 12% of Americans believe Israel is the most essential ally. The UK, China, and Canada are viewed are the most important allies. [Link]
  • The State Department changes its label for the Golan Height, West Bank, and Gaza from ‘Israel Occupied’ to ‘Israeli Controlled.’ [Link]
  • Eric Margolis explains Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is right about Israel. [Link]
  • Gordon Levy explains why Congresswoman Omar’s criticisms are vital to countering the Hasbara narrative. [Link]


  • Talks between the US and Taliban end with a draft agreement. The agreement focuses on the US troop withdrawal and the Taliban’s pledge to keep al-Qaeda out of Afghanistan. The deal may include a timeline for US troop withdrawal. [Link]
  • On Sunday and Monday, at least 40 people were killed in fighting between the Taliban and Afghan Army. [Link]
  • The US killed six Afghan soldiers with an airstrike on an Afghan Army checkpoint. The US claims the Afghan soldiers fired on Americans. [Link]
  • A new book claims that former Taliban leader Mullah Omar lived just three miles from a US base. [Link]
  • US airstrikes kill 13 civilians in Afghanistan. [Link]


  • Venezuela demanded that all US diplomats leave the country. The US announced that the last embassy personnel would leave. Secretary of State Pompeo is spinning the decision to withdraw as allowing the US a greater number of options to use against Maduro. [Link]
  • A major Indian company will comply with US sanctions and halt oil trade with Venezuela. [Link]
  • Glenn Greenwald details how the lies of the legacy media are leading towards conflict with Venezuela. The NYT recently showed that Maduro’s forces did not burn aid trucks on Feb 23. Several US politicians and new outlets have been reporting that Maduro’s forces set the trucks on fire. [Link]

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