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US News

  • Police department regularly withholds body camera footage that shows police abuse. [Link]
  • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the US will deny entry to any ICC officials investigating US and Israeli war crimes. [Link]
  • A Pentagon inspector general report finds the Pentagon did not track $2.1 billion that contractors claim they spent on parts for the F-35. [Link]
  • The US will spend over $300 million on a program that hopes to tests a space based laser in 2023. [Link]


  • The US will allow Citgo to make debt payments to the Venezuelan state oil company for 18 months. [Link]

North Korea

  • Moon of Alabama breaks down the raid on the North Korean embassy in Spain just days before the meeting between Trump and Kim in Hanoi. [Link]
  • North Korea is rethinking continuing talks with the US and the moratorium on missile tests. [Link]


  • Senator Rand Paul explains the importance of the AFGHAN Service Act he introduced. The bill will end the Afghan War and give the US vets of the war a $2,500 bonus. Paul is hoping to end the war before US troops who were born after 9/11 start deploying. [Link]
  • The Taliban kill 22 Afghan soldiers at a checkpoint in northern Afghanistan. [Link]
  • The Taliban captured 150 Afghan border guards. The Afghan forces attempted to flee into Turkmenistan but were forced back into the hands of the Taliban by the Turkmen forces. In this northern district of Afghanistan, over 200 Afghan forces have been killed or captured in the past week. [Link]


  • In response to the Senate passing a Yemen War Powers bill, Pompeo issued a statement warning that ending the US involvement in the war could allow Iran to control Yemen and the surrounding shipping lanes. Daniel Larison debunks Pompeo’s warmongering. [Link]
  • The Houthi threaten to launch missiles at Saudi Arabia and the UAE in response to the Saudi led coalition attacking Hodeida. [Link]


  • Italy has taken steps to stem the flow of migrants from Libya to Italy. Italy has given money to the African governments to prevent migrants from their countries from traveling to Libya. The Italian government trained and equipped Libyan Coast Guard. Italy also introduced a policy that limited rescue ships permission to let migrants off at Italian ports. The flow of migrants from Libya to Italy has almost stopped.  [Link]
  • Eight were killed by the bombing of a market in Somalia. [Link]
  • Gunmen attack a Malian army base and killed at least 16 soldiers. [Link]

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