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US News

  • A sexual abuse victim advocates group release a list of hundreds of Illinois clergy and lay people who sexually abused people. [Link]
  • Columbus police disband their moral crimes division because the chief is accused of raping two women and committing several other crimes. Other officers from the Vice division are also under investigation. [Link]
  • Trump signs a bill that names 375,000 acres protected federal land. [Link]
  • The MSM never learns from their mistakes. [Link]

Weapon Sales

  • Boeing wins a $4 billion contract to produce 78 F-18s. [Link]
  • The Pentagon is conducting an ethics investigation into acting Defense Secretary Shanahan possibly using his office to help his former employer. Since Shanahan became acting Def Sec, The Pentagon has signed two billion dollar contracts with Boeing. [Link]

Foreign Policy

  • Trump wants to move the US closer to Brazil. Trump could potentially make Brazil a major non-NATO US ally. [Link]
  • A man whose family was killed was killed in a US drone strike is suing Germany for their essential role in the US Drone Program. [Link]
  • A German court rules Germany must review all US drone strikes that are based in Germany. [Link]
  • Daniel Davis explains how John Bolton is killing the Korean Peace process. [Link]


  • The Russian economy has adapted to US sanctions and Russian counter sanctions. Russia has expanded its food production center in response to the sanctions. [Link]


  • An airstrike killed four people in Somalia. The US did not confirm the strike. [Link]
  • An Amnesty report finds US airstrikes in Somalia are responsible for killing civilians. [Link]

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