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US News

An Arizona police officer tased a man 11 times for no reason. The officer pulled down the man’s pants and attempted to tase his genitals in front of his children. The officer is still on the force. [Link]

US and National Guard soldiers deployed to the southern border will cost an estimated $1 billion in FY 2019. [Link]


The Maduro and Guaido governments are battling for control of the board of Citgo. [Link]

Carlos Vicchio is acting as Juan Guaido’s ambassador to the US. [Link]

Juan Guaido says he will not rule out asking the US to attack Venezuela. [Link]

Yellow Vest

In the 13th week of Yellow Vest Protests, a protester lost their hand in clashes with police. 32 protesters were arrested and police vehicles were set on fire. [Link]


Trump promotes Iranian regime change on Twitter. [Link]

Conn Hallinan explains there are many factors that will make war with Iran unlikely. Trump and the Neocons in his administration constantly push for war. However, the American people strongly oppose a war with Iran. The UAE and Saudi Arabia lack the military power to fight Iran. [Link]

The top Iraqi cleric rejects Trump’s idea of a lasting US military base in Iraq to monitor Iran. [Link]


The Syrian Kurds are selling oil to Assad in violation of US sanctions. [Link]

SDF and ISIS are battling in southeastern Syria. The US backed Kurdish fighters have been eliminating the ‘last pocket’ for ISIS for several months. [Link]

US airstrikes supporting the SDF kill 16 US civilians, including seven children. [Link]

The Pentagon says all US troops should leave Syria by the end of April. [Link]

So far, 10% of US equipment and supplies have been withdrawn. However, more troops have been deployed to Syria to assist with the withdraw. Reports now say 3,000 US troops are in Syria. [Link]

Head of CENTCOM General Votel says US troops will be withdrawing from Syria in a matter of weeks. [Link]

Mark Perry explains that US military commanders are following Trump’s orders to leave Syria. His military sources have a generally positive attitude about Trump’s decision to leave Syria. Perry breaks down the logistics of the withdraw. [Link]


The Pentagon admits to having a database of Yemeni civilians killed by Saudi airstrikes with US support. [Link]

The UN reports the Houthi and Yemen government made steps towards withdrawing forces from the critical port city Hodeida. [Link]

The UN warns that if the warring parties are unable to reach an agreement, then enough grain to feed 3.7 million Yemenis for a month will expire. [Link]

Morocco leaves the Saudi alliance fighting in Yemen. Morocco also withdrew the ambassador from Saudi Arabia. [Link]

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