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US News

Caitlin Johnstone on the slander from left wing war hawks at Tulsi Gabbard. [Link]

US prosecutors and the legacy media falsely claimed Maria Butina was a Russian spy. [Link]

Several Senate Republicans are upset with Trump’s over his decision about the Khashoggi murder. The Senate used the Magnitsky Act to require the White House to produce a report on the Khashoggi murder. The White House has not given the Senate the report. [Link]

Senator Rand Paul says he will vote no William Barr’s confirmation for Attorney General. [Link]

Doug Bandow explains Congress is preventing Trump from ending wars that Congress never authorized. [Link]

Middle East News

US airstrikes kill 21 civilians in Afghanistan. [Link]

Gunar Olsen argues the legacy media has fought against Trump’s attempt to end the Afghan War. [Link]

Trump says he will veto a Yemeni War Powers bill if it is passed by the Congress. [Link]


Amanda Sperber explains how the US is hiding the true results of its bombing campaign in Somalia. She documents several cases where the US did not admit to airstrikes that witnesses claimed happened. Under Trump, AFRICOM has claimed that all US airstrikes in Somalia have only killed terrorists. However, victims of US airstrikes say several innocent people – including children – have been killed. [Link]

The US is increasing the number of airstrikes in Somalia. In 2019, the US has carried out at least 14 strikes. [Link]

The US claims to kill eight al-Shabaab militants with an airstrike in Somalia. [Link] In a separate strike, the US claims to kill 15 al-Shabaab militants. [Link]


Haftar’s forces take control of Libya’s largest oilfield. [Link]  

The Chadian Army captures 250 rebels it claims are terrorist. The rebels were crossing from Libya into Chad. France assisted in stopping the rebels with airstrikes. [Link]

Burkina Faso

The Burkina Army claims to have killed 150 militants in response to attacks from militants. Human Rights Watch says some of the militants killed were executed in front of their families. [Link]

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