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US News

Kelley Vlahos writes on the legacy of the great Walter Jones. [Link]

YouTube will stop recommending conspiracy videos. [Link]

California’s governor announces the state will only complete a small portion of its high speed rail project. [Link]

The Pentagon will seek to add billions to its OCO account in 2020. The OCO is considered to be a slush fund for the Pentagon. [Link]

Trump tweets California should return $3.5 billion to the federal government after the state announced it would only complete a small part of the planned high-speed rail. [Link]

Andrew McCabe ordered the obstruction of justice investigation of Trump. [Link]

The number of children used as soldiers has increased by 159% over 5 years. [Link]

War on Drugs

New York police unions announce their opposition to the state legalizing marijuana. [Link]

The WHO says CBD has no health or addiction risks. [Link]

The US-supported Mexican war on drugs contributed to Mexico’s record deadly year in 2018. [Link]

Middle East

A suicide bomber kills 41 IRGC troops inside of Iran. [Link]

An IRGC commander says the Iranian response to the suicide bombing will not be limited to Iranian borders. The group responsible for the attack is known to operate in Pakistan. [Link]

The Iraqi Prime Minister says there will be no permanent foreign military bases in Iraq. [Link]

Patrick Cockburn breaks down the jihadists movements in Syria. ISIS has nearly lost all of its territories but is still able to carry out attacks. Al-Qaeda has gained significant territory from other Syrian rebel groups. [Link]

The House passes a War Powers bill to end the US role in the Yemen War. [Link]

The Trump Administration is expanding a program that targets Iran’s space program. Two recent Iranian rockets have failed. [Link]

Qatar says they are in talks with Russia to buy the S-400 air defense system. Saudi Arabia objects to Qatar getting the weapon. [Link]

The SDF captures 200 ISIS fighters. 50 people were killed in the fighting between the SDF and ISIS. [Link]  

The US is unsure of what to do with the 1,000 ISIS fighters held by the SDF. [Link]

Reuters reports on the Yemeni children starving to death. [Link]


Acting Defense Secretary says he has received no orders from Trump to draw down in Afghanistan. [Link]

The US carried out a record number of airstrikes in Afghanistan during 2018. [Link]


ACLED warns the violence in the Sahel will get worse in 2019. [Link]

France came to the assistance of the Chadian president by bombing rebels attempting a coup. [Link]

The UN warns the violence in Mali is getting worse. The UN is calling for an effective military operation to restore stability. [Link]

Great Powers

Senator James Inhofe says the US could use force in Venezuela if Russia deployed weapons there. [Link]

The US is in talks with Poland about deploying more troops to Poland. [Link]

The US sails two destroyers into the South China Sea to challenge Chinese territorial waters claims. [Link]


33 Indian soldiers were killed by a suicide bombing in Kashmir. [Link]


Haftar’s forces are taking control over southern Libya. [Link]

The hundreds of millions in interest that should have accrued in an account for the Libyan people is missing. After Gaddafi was killed, his billions in foreign assets were frozen in a Belgian bank. [Link]

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