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  • The Supreme Court rules the 8th Amendment applies to state laws. The ruling will prevent states from imposing excessive fines and forfeitures. [Link]
  • A video surfaces show a Delaware cop putting a gun in a man’s face for no reason. [Link]
  • Brian Saady breaks down the trial of El Chapo. He explains why taking El Chapo off the streets will do nothing to end drug violence. [Link]
  • The Federal government shares the terror watch list with over 1,400 private groups. [Link]
  • Americans want a less aggressive foreign policy. [Link]
  • Heather Nauert withdraws her nomination to be US Ambassador to the UN. [Link]
  • The 9/11 Victims Fund cuts payouts by 70%. [Link]
  • 12 TSA employees are charged with smuggling over $100 million in cocaine. [Link]
  • The Pentagon will buy up to 80 F-15Xs because of the F-35 is unable to carry heavier weapons. [Link]


  • Gareth Porter explains the real motives behind the FBI investigation of Trump. [Link]
  • John Kiriakou argues the FBI was close to attempting a coup against Trump. [Link]


  • The State Department urges all Americans to leave Haiti. Protesters in Haiti are demanding the country’s president step down. [Link]
  • Five Americans armed with automatic rifles were arrested in Haiti. [Link]

The New Cold War

  • Ukraine adds joining NATO and the EU to its constitution. [Link]
  • American Paul Whelan remains in a Russia prison and is accused of being a spy. Whelan’s lawyer claims he is doing well. [Link]
  • Putin says he will respond to the US putting intermediate range missiles in Europe by targeting the US. [Link]
  • Putin says he is open to arms control talks with the US but, the US must initiate the talks. [Link]

Korean Peace

  • Trump says there is no rush for North Korea to denuclearize. [Link]
  • South Korean President Moon Jae-in tells Trump South Korea can increase cooperation with North Korea to speed denuclearization. [Link]
  • Kim Jong-un makes changes to his denuclearization talks team. [Link]

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

  • Trita Parsi on the attacks against Ilhan Omar by the Democratic establishment. [Link]
  • Congresswoman Ilhan Omar calls out Elliott Abrams history of lying to Congress and supporting war crimes. [Link]  


  • A Lords committee report finds UK weapon sales to Saudi Arabia are unlawful because of the Saudi war against the people of Yemen. [Link]
  • Seven UK Members of Parliament leave the Labour Party. The MPs complained about Brexit and support for Palestine. [Link] Three other MPs leave the Conservative Party. [Link]


  • India and Argentia sign a defense pact and nuclear agreements. [Link]
  • Crimes against religious minorities – including murder – have been increasing since Modi came to power. [Link]
  • India’s Prime Minister says the military has authority to respond to a Kashmir suicide bombing that killed dozens of Indian soldiers. [Link] India has places 200% tariffs on Pakistani imports and removed protection details from Kashmiri leaders. [Link] India claims to kill the mastermind of the attack. [Link]
  • Military officials say 1,000 ISIS fighters have been fleeing Syria for Iraq. The fighters have possibly have $200 million. [Link]
  • Trump demands that European countries take back ISIS fighters captured by the Syrian Kurds. [Link]
  • The Syrian Kurds calls for 1,000 – 1,500 international forces to remain in Syria. [Link]

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