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US News

Congressman Walter Jones enters hospice care. [Link]

Roger Stone has been indicted on seven counts including lying to the FBI and witness tampering. Stone was arrested in a early morning raid by the FBI. He was released on bail. [Link]

FaceBook will merge the FB, IG, and WhatsApp messengers. [Link]

A New Mexico court ruling is a victory in the fight against civil asset forfeiture. [Link]


Foreign Policy

A soldier sued Obama in an attempt to get Congress to act on war. [Link]

Suicides by active duty Marines hit a ten year high in 2018. [Link]

A Gitmo Detainee argues that the judge in his trial was biased for the State Department. [Link]

Doug Bandow: The NATO mission is to preserve itself. [Link]


Weapon Sales

The military is looking to develop small nuclear reactors to power US bases. [Link]

Boeing wins a contract for $2.46 billion for 19 Poseidon aircraft. [Link]

POGO provides a detailed report of the Zumwalt class destroyers. The ships are missing their main weapons, have cost billions in overruns, have been delayed several years, and are not battle ready. [Link]

Germany will sell four RAM Naval Missile Systems to Qatar. [Link]

Russia calls on the US to abandon plans to put missile defense in space. [Link]



The AP reports Juan Guaido arranged the international recognition of his interim presidency. [Link]

A member of the Venezuelan military in the US defects to the Guaido government. [Link]

A report claims Russian contractors are working to defend Maduro in Venezuela. [Link]

European countries are calling on Maduro to call elections in eight days. The countries are threatening to recognize the Guaido government if elections are not called. [Link]


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