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Tulsi Gabbard calls on the US to stay out of Venezuela. [Link]

The Bank of England refuses to give the Maduro government $1.2 billion in gold the bank holds for Venezuela. The US pressured the UK to prevent Maduro from receiving the gold. [Link]

White House officials are reporting an attack on Venezuela has not been ruled out. [Link]

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said ‘pick a side’ at a UN meeting on Venezuela. [Link]

The US sanctions Venezuela’s state-owned oil company. [Link]



ISIS carries out a dual bombing at a cathedral in the Philippines. [Link]  

Philippines president Durterte orders the country’s military to crush the terrorist responsible for the attack. [Link]



Trump warns EU countries not to violate US sanctions against Iran. [Link]

The US charges the Chinese company Huawei with violating US sanctions on Iran. [Link]

Iran’s space rocket program is not an ICBM development program. [Link]



The Taliban’s political leader will travel to Qatar to meet with the US for talks. [Link]

A Taliban official says the US has agreed to a draft peace pact that would have foreign forces leave Afghanistan 18 months after the signing of the agreement. [Link]

A senior US official says the US is committed to withdrawing foreign forces from Afghanistan. [Link]  

Afghanistan president says 45,000 Afghan security forces have died since 2014. [Link]



The US will resume reporting some of the results of airstrikes in Somalia. [Link]

The governments of Libya agree to build a mega-port. [Link]

Two UN Peacekeepers were killed by a landmine in Mali. [Link]


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