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US News

A new bipartisan bill would make animal cruelty a federal crime. [Link]

Baltimore will stop prosecuting marijuana possession offenses. [Link]

Facebook blocks ad transparency tools from working. [Link]  

Google removes a map of ‘Kurdistan’ at the request of the Turkish government. [Link]

Nikki Haley and Gary Cohn are charging $200,000 for speaking engagements. [Link]

US Foreign Policy

A federal court rules that Vietnam vets who served offshore are eligible for benefits for those who suffer from Agent Orange-related illnesses. [Link]

US interventions are to meant benefit corporations not to promote Democracy. [Link]

The NATO Secretary General praises Trump from pushing member states to increase defense spending. [Link]

A German judge quits the Hague over political pressure from the US. The US was working to prevent US war crimes in Afghanistan from being investigated. [Link]


Maduro rejects calls for a new presidential election. [Link]

Maduro accuses Trump of attempting to use Colombia assassinate him. [Link]

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the US is prepared to give $20 million in aid to Venezuela. [Link]

Peter Van Buren breaks down the situation for US diplomats in Venezuela. [Link]


A US airstrike in Syria kills eight civilians. [Link]

Patrick Cockburn on the lessons that should have been learned by the rise and fall of ISIS. [Link]

Kurdish protesters in Iraqi Kurdistan storm a Turkish military base. Two protesters were killed. [Link]


Senator Sanders, Lee, and Murphy introduce a bill that will use the War Powers Act to end US involvement in Yemen. [Link]

19 million people in Yemen lack access to clean water. [Link]

The Saudi backed Yemeni government and the Houthi begin swapping some prisoners. The Stockholm ceasefire agreement calls for 15,000 prisoners to be freed. [Link]

ACLED reports at least 267 Yemeni civilians have been killed by Houthi landmines since 2016. Saudi sources claim up to 920 civilians have been killed by landmines. [Link]


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