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US News

A new study shows that vaping is more effective than traditional nicotine replacement therapies at helping people quit smoking. [Link]

Several ICE detainees are on hunger strikes. ICE is force feeding six of the detainees. [Link]

A man dies in a Georgia prison because prison staff denied him medical treatment for seizures. He was in prison for eating a pot cookie. [Link]

US Intelligence Testimony

CIA Director Gina Haspel says Iran is still complying with the Nuclear Agreement. [Link]

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats says North Korea is unlikely to reach a denuclearization agreement with the US. [Link]

DNI Dan Coats warns Israeli strikes in Syria could spark a larger regional war. [Link]

Trump attacks US intelligence chiefs for their Congressional statements that undermine his foreign policy. [Link]

US Foreign Policy

The family of Navy Vet Sharon Kent will continue her fight against unfair Navy regulations that denied her the opportunity to become a psychologist and deployed her to Syria. Kent had thyroid cancer, possibly from burn pits. Kent’s husband disputes the nature of her recent death in Manbij by an ISIS bombing. [Link]

Senators Warren and Smith introduce the No First Use Act to prevent the US from using nuclear weapons first. [Link]

The Senate votes to approve an amendment to the Mid East policy bill that condemns Trump’s push to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan and Syria. [Link]

The newest aircraft carrier – the USS Ford – is struggling to launch and land aircraft. [Link]


Philip Giraldi points out the hypocrisy of those who condemn a wall on the southern border and ignore the separation wall being built by Israel. [Link]

Robert Fisk explains why more Americans are speaking out about Israeli human rights abuses. [Link]


The IAEA says Iran continues to meet the commitments of the nuclear agreement. [Link]

Germany, France, and the UK set up a payment channel to bypass US sanctions against Iran. [Link]

Jim Lobe and Ben Armbruster argue war with Iran is becoming more likely. [Link]



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