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State of the Union Responses

Jason Ditz explains Trump did not focus on his plans to end wars. [Link]

Scott Horton and Pete Raymond discuss Trump’s SOTU. [Link]



Tulsi Gabbard says Assad is not the enemy of the American people. [Link]

Tulsi Gabbard says an NBC article – claiming she is supported by Russian propaganda – is very dangerous. [Link]


Military Industrial Complex

The Air Force announces plans to buy the F-15X. [Link]

The Pentagon says the US has no plans to develop an intermediate-range nuclear missile. The US recently left the INF Treaty that banned nuclear missiles with a range of 500km to 5,500km. [Link]


US News

The House advances the Yemen War Powers bill. [Link]

The Trump Administration announces plans to roll back regulations on payday loans. [Link]

The governor of New Mexico orders the state’s National Guard troops to stop enforcing US immigration law at the southern border. [Link]

David Stockman argues the indictment of Roger Stone has nothing to do with rigging the 2016 elections. [Link]

Trita Parsi argues the Democratic Party needs to be careful not to become the war party in their opposition of Trump. [Link]


Saudi Arms Terrorists

Saudi Arabia and the UAE are giving US-made weapons to hardline Sunni militias and jihadists in Yemen. Some of the weapons then get captured by the Houthis. [Link]

Jack Hunter explains that Rand Paul was right about the Saudi support for terrorism. [Link]


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