By |Published On: November 17th, 2019|Categories: Daily News Roundup|
  • A man in Georgia was executed. The state refused to test DNA his lawyers claim would clear him of the murder. [Link]
  • The 11th Circuit of Appeals rules that distributing food in public is protected by the First Amendment. The ruling comes over a Florida group suing after being arrested for giving food to the homeless. [Link]
  • Amazon will protest the Pentagon awarding the Pentagon’s cloud contract – JEDI – to Microsoft. [Link]
  • Explosives used at Fort Jackson are contaminating the groundwater. [Link]
  • Trump pardons two convicted war criminals and restores the rank of another man, who was demoted after committing war crimes, but was not convicted in court. [Link]
  • Russia will return three ships to Ukraine. Russia seized the ships after the Ukrainian ships enter Russian waters without permission. [Link]
  • The US and South Korea postponed upcoming war games. [Link]
  • Trump tweets at Kim Jong-un telling him to make a deal soon. [Link]
  • North Korea says it will not engage in talks with the US unless the US hostile policy is on the agenda. [Link]
  • The US asks Japan to pay $8 billion for US forces deployed in Japan. [Link]
  • 12 civilians – including three children – were killed by a car bomb in Kabul. [Link]
  • Protest breakout in Iran over raising fuel prices. At least one person has died during protests. [Link]
  • Turkey says Syria Kurds killed 10 people with a car bomb in a Turkish controlled in northern Syria. [Link] 
  • Russia announces it has taken control of a former-US base in northern Syria. [Link]
  • Islamist militants are accused of committing a massacre of at least 15 civilians in the Congo. [Link]

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