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US News

  • A North Carolina police officer has been fired after throwing a middle school student against the wall. [Link]
  • The House reveals a $1.4 trillion budget bill. As well as funding the government, the bill also raising the tobacco age to 21. [Link]
  • A FISA Court judge blasts the FBI for lying about the FISA warrant they got on Carter Page in the process of investigating Trump. [Link]
  • In a move likely aimed at pleasing Turkey, the State Department says Trump will not recognize the Armenian Genocide. [Link]
  • Both houses of Congress introduce bills to push Trump towards renewing New Start. [Link]

2020 NDAA

  • The Senate passes the 2020 NDAA. [Link]
  • Germany believes sanctions passed in the 2020 NDAA could impact their work on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. However, the sanctions include a 30 day “cool down” period, and Germany may be able to complete the pipeline during that time. [Link]


  • The Trump administration is considering ramping up the pressure on Venezuela. This could include an oil blockade. [Link]


  • Turkey’s president says his country has resettled 371,000 Syrian refugees into northern Syria. He says Turkey will resettle another 600,000 refugees shortly. [Link]
  • Observation groups report Syrian and Russian airstrikes killed 17 civilians across a-Qaeda controlled Syria. [Link]


  • In the first half of 2020, the US State Department will cut about 130 people from its embassy in Erbil. [Link]

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