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US News

  • A new Medicare tool that is intended to allow seniors to easily pick the most affordable plan regularly gives incorrect information. This leads seniors to pick the wrong insurance plan. [Link]
  • Amazon claims it was not awarded the JEDI contract because of political reasons that focus around Trump. [Link]
  • The NYPD bragged about seizing over 100 pounds of pot, in reality they only seized legal hemp. [Link]


  • The coup government in Bolivia has passed a new law that annuls the recent election won by Evo Morales and bars him from the coming election. The government made an agreement with protesters to withdraw the military in exchange for the end of protests. [Link]
  • Bolivia’s coup government is investigating the former president for sedition and terrorism. [Link] 


  • Amid protests in Colombia, several people have been killed. Three police officers were killed when a police station was bombed. Two people, described as vandals, were killed in a confrontation with police. [Link]


  • The UK is refusing to hand control of the Chagos Islands to Mauritius. A UN court rules the UK had to return the islands. [Link]

Middle East

  • Erdogan says Turkey will manufacture fighter jets in house. [Link]
  • The State Department has cut or withdrawn almost all personnel in Iraq overseeing the distribution of $1.16 billion in aid. [Link] 
  • Iraq shuts down 12 tv and four radio stations for supporting the protest movement. [Link] 


  • The South Sudanese government is struggling to implement a unity agreement pushed by the US. The South Sudanese recently agreed to extend the selection of the unity government 100 days. The US has recalled its ambassador to South Sudan. [Link]
  • Thirteen Frech soldiers were killed in combat operations in Mali. [Link]
  • People in the Congo burned a government office and several UN buildings in protest over the recent massacres of civilians. Since the Congolese army began a crackdown on Isralmist militants, militants have killed over 70 civilians in reprisal attacks. Violence during the touching of the buildings left two dead. [Link]
  • The WHO withdraws 50 Ebola staff do to the increasing instability in the region. [Link]

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