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US News

  • All charges have been dropped against everyone accused of being involved in a 2015 Waco biker bar shooting that killed nine. [Link]
  • Civil Liberties groups are suing the national intelligence agencies for requiring former agents to submit writings to the agencies before publication.  [Link]

World News

  • The Red Cross says 113 aid workers were killed in 2018. Over 300 people were killed in attacks on aid facilities. [Link]
  • Ron Paul: sanctions cause people to suffer. [Link]


  • Slovakia ruling party loses elections. Zuzana Caputova’s party now has controlling power. [Link]

Great Powers

  • The US and Russia are opposing global bans on killer robots. [Link]  
  • A study finds failing to extend the New START Treaty could undermine the NPT and result in Russia making more nukes. [Link]
  • The Army is looking to increase its presence in the Pacific to counter China. [Link]

Middle East

  • Hamas claims the rocket that was fired at Tel Aviv on March 14th was mistakenly set off. The rocket sparked weeks of fighting between Israel and Palestine. [Link]
  • Israel will allows Palestinians to fish in deep waters 12-15 mines off the coast of Gaza. Israel has limited the Palestinians to shallower waters since 2000. [Link]
  • Turkey’s ruling party loses local elections. The party is appealing narrow losses in major cities. [Link]
  • The Saudi government has paid the children of Jamal Khashoggi millions in cash and homes. [Link]
  • The Iranian foreign minister says US sanctions are limiting the response to flooding in Iran. 45 people have died in the flooding. [Link]   


  • The US military carried out six airstrikes against AQAP in Yemen last week. [Link]
  • Yemeni food imports are down 60% from pre-war levels. [Link]
  • The UN will investigate a report from the Daily Mail that UK forces in Yemen may have been associated with Saudi backed militias that use child soldiers. [Link] Al Jazeera documents Yemeni children who are fighting for Saudi in Yemen. The UN reports all side in Yemen use child soldiers. [Link]

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