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US News

  • Texas is seeking the death penalty against a man who killed someone breaking into the window of his home. The intruder was a SWAT team member in a no knock raid. The police only found a glass pipe and grinder. [Link]
  • The Navy awards General Dynamics with a three quarters of a billion dollar contract to supply the ground systems for the Navy’s satellite communications. [Link]
  • Trump says Russia wants to make an agreement on arms control and nuclear. Trump suggested bringing China into the deal. [Link]
  • A senior State Department official says Russia is in compliance with the NEW START Treaty. [Link]


  • Trump says he can see France leaving NATO. [Link]
  • The French president says Turkey is working with ISIS proxies. [Link]
  • Trump and Marcon spar at the NATO conference. Trump suggests sending captured ISIS fighters back to Franch. [Link]
  • At the NATO conference, Trump said member states that do not hit the defense spending target should possibly not be entitled to the collective defense of NATO. [Link]
  • NATO names China as a new target, alongside Russia. [Link]
  • A German court reverses a de facto ban on selling armored vehicles to Saudi Arabia. [Link]


  • Singapore is attempting to enforce its fake news law. It claims a blog posted fake information on Facebook. Singapore first pushed the author to publish a correction. He refused and is not under investigation. Singapore then asked Facebook to post a correction. Facebook has not responded. [Link]

Middle East

  • A UN report estimates the Israeli occupation of Palestine has cost the Palestinian economy $48 billion from 2000-2017. [Link]
  • The US representative to the OPCW accuses Russia of trying to cover up Syrian chemical weapons use. [Link]
  • The UAE says it hops Syria stabilizes under Assad. [Link]
  • Heavy clashes in Idlib Syria have killed 96 people over two days. [Link]
  • Rockets hit a base in western Iraq that houses US troops. [Link]


  • 20 African migrants were killed traveling through Yemen to Saudi Arabia. Reports say they may have been killed by an airstrike. [Link]
  • The Red Cross says 128 Houthi prisoners of war have been released by Saudi Arabia. Saudi claims to have released 200 prisoners. [Link]
  • The Houthi claim to have shot down a Saudi helicopter. [Link]

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