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US News

  • The House votes for two articles of impeachment against Trump. Tulsi Gabbard voted present. [Link]
  • The US national debt increased by $1.2 trillion in 2019. [Link]
  • The 2020 NDAA requires the DNI to release a report on who is responsible for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. [Link]
  • South Korean and the US were unable to make a deal about South Korea’s payment for US troops deployed to South Korea. South Korea is willing to pay $1 billion a year, the US is demanding $5 billion. [Link]

South America

  • Venezuelan children are facing increasingly worse malnutrition. [Link]
  • Trump voices support for the coup government in Bolivia. [Link]
  • Bolivia’s coup government issues an arrest warrant for the former president Morales. Morales is now a refugee in Argentina. [Link]


  • NATO receives its second of five Global Hawk spy drones. It hops to have all drones by 2022. The drones cost $1.5 billion and were expected to be delivered by 2017. [Link]
  • Spain’s high court finds the leader of Catalonia guilty of disobedience. [Link]
  • Germany says it will not retaliate against the US for sanctions in the NDAA that target the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. [Link]
  • The US removes sanctions of Latvia’s second largest port. The Latvian government seized the port after the US sanctioned the owner. [Link]


  • Secretary of Defense Esper says a US drawdown of troops in troops in Afghanistan is to counter China. [Link]
  • So far in 2019, 631 Afghan children have been killed in war. [Link]

Middle East

  • An Israeli power company is cutting power to some areas of the West Bank for three hours a day over a Palestinian electric company not making debt payments. [Link]
  • The Houthi and Yemeni government will meet for two day talks about Hodeidah this week. The UN is backing the talks and the hope is allowing more humanitarian goods to enter the port at Hodeidah. [Link]


  • A US airstrike killed one person in Somalia. The US claims that the person was a member of al-Shabaab. The airstrike was at least the US 60th in Somalia this year. [Link]
  • Turkey will deploy military forces to a base somewhere in Libya. [Link]
  • Boko Haram militants killed 14 civilians in Chad. [Link]

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