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  • Bolivia’s president resigns, says he was forced out by a coup. He was facing calls from the military and police to step down after the OAS claimed he fraudulently counted votes in the recent election. Dave DeCamp explains that the OAS claim that the former Bolivian president engaged is disputed by other groups. The US is backing the change of power. [Link]


  • A South Korean official says South Korea is taking North Korea’s end of deal negotiation deadline seriously and the US is actively working to restart talks with North Korea. [Link]


  • The Indian high court ruled to give the Hindus a religious site also claimed by Muslims. [Link]


  • The Israeli high court upholds a ruling that bars a Human Rights Watch official from the country because of his past support for BDS. [Link]
  • Israel forces shot a Palestinian man dead in the West Bank. [Link]
  • Israel says it killed the leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza. Israel also targeted another member of the group who lived in Damascus. The target in Syria was not killed; however, two people were killed in the Israeli strike. The targeted strikes have started a round of fighting between Israel and Gaza. [Link]


  • The founder of the White Helmets has been found dead outside of his home in Istanbul. He is believed to have fallen off of a balcony. [Link]
  • Turkey has started to deport people who are either suspected IS fighters or connected to IS fighters. Turkey has complained that foreign countries are too slow to take back their captured IS fighters. An American and German were the first people deported. [Link]
  • Five people were killed in three bombing in northeast Syria. [Link]
  • The US says it is deploying more combat power to Syria to counter Assad and Russia. [Link]

Middle East

  • Trump is withholding troop numbers for Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. [Link]
  • Russia identified 2,000 Russian nationals living in the Middle East with connections to people who are members of militias. [Link]
  • The US calls on Iraq to hold early elections. [Link]
  • Saudi Arabia bombed a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Yemen. [Link]

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