By |Published On: November 14th, 2019|Categories: Daily News Roundup|
  • Mark Sanford ends his presidential primary run against Trump. [Link]
  • A federal court in Boston rules warrantless searches of cellphones and computers of international travelers violates the 4th Amendment. [Link]
  • The Watson Institute reports the US spent $6.4 trillion on the Terror Wars. [Link]
  • Bolivia’s interim president decares Morales and his vice president cannot run for president in upcoming elections. [Link]
  • North Korea rebuffs an offer from the US to engage in December talks. North Korea said the offer was just to appease Kim Jong-un’s year end deadline. North Korea called on the US to call off scheduled war games with South Korea. [Link]
  • Seven people were killed by a car bomb in Afghanistan. [Link]
  • An American diplomat says the planned prisoner swap for  American and Australian professors did not happen. [Link]
  • Turkey removes four Kurdish mayors from office. Turkey has removed 20 Kurdish mayors since elections earlier this year. [Link]
  • The US sanctions 22 companies and individuals for assisting Syria’s WMD program. [Link] 
  • DefSec Mark Esper says about 600 troops will remain in Syria to defeat IS and guard the oil. [Link]
  • Four more protesters were killed by Iraqi government forces. Over 300 protesters have been killed since October 1. [Link]
  • 13 people were killed by israeli strikes in Gaza on the second day of fighting. [Link]
  • After more than two days of fighting a cease fire has been reached between Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Israeli airstrikes in Gaza killed at least 34 people. Half of the dead are civilians, including eight children. [Link]
  • A Houthi missile kills five Saudi backed Yemeni soldiers at a major Yemeni army base. [Link]
  • Sources report talks are intensifying between Saudi and the Houthi. [Link]

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