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US News

  • The Steele Dossier author will not speak with a prosecutor investigating the origins of Russiagate. [Link]
  • Trump announces a 5% tariff on Mexican goods entering the US until Mexico stops the flow of migrants. Trump said the tariff would increase to 25% on October 1st. [Link]
  • New Hampshire’s legislature overrides the governor’s veto and abolishes the death penalty. [Link]

US Foreign Policy

  • Members of Congress are seeking options to stop Trump’s emergency weapon sales to Saudi Arabia, The UAE, and Jordan. [Link]
  • Jason Ditz explains Trump is moving towards a more diplomatic approach on Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela. [Link]
  • A US Marine dies in a training accident in Australia. [Link]


  • Julian Assange’s health is significantly deteriorated. He is in the hospital ward and cannot have normal conversations. [Link]
  • Jonathan Cook explains the persecution of Julian Assange was never about justice. [Link]


  • The UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention demands Spain release three Catalan lawmakers who were arrested for holding an independence vote. [Link]
  • Poland announces plans to buy 32 F-35As. The US has not approved the sale. [Link]


  • One man was killed when Indian soldiers open fired on Kashmiri protesters. [Link]
  • Myanmar has freed seven soldiers who were jailed for their role in the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya. The seven soldiers were the only people jailed for the killing of thousands of Rohingya. [Link]


  • Human Rights Watch accuses Egypt of committing war crimes in the Sinai. [Link]
  • A mob attacks an Ebola treatment center in the Congo. One aid worker was killed in the attack. [Link]
  • 20,000 people have fled Nigeria into Niger because of violence. Boko Haram is a cause of some of the violence. [Link]

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