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US News

  • Trump gives Attorney General Barr the power to declassify information about the origins of Russiagate. [Link]
  • Americans tell the Army’s Twitter account how being in the service has negatively impacted their lives. [Link]
  • A Senate committee approved the creation of the Space Force. [Link]
  • Daniel Davis explains Memorial Day should be a reminder not to send soldiers to pointless wars. [Link]
  • Scott Horton breaks down the new indictments of Julian Assange. [Link]


  • NATO is developing more offensive cyber capabilities. [Link]


  • 29 prisoners were killed in a conflict with guards at a Venezuelan jail. [Link]
  • Venezuela’s government and opposition meet in Norway for talks. [Link]


  • UK Prime Minister Theresa May announces she will resign June 7th. [Link]
  • Spain’s parliament votes to suspend the rights of four Catalan lawmakers who are currently jailed for attempted to arrange an independence vote for Catalonia in 2017. The lawmakers were reelected at the end of April. [Link]

North Korea

  • Trump says he was not disturbed by North Korea testing missiles. [Link]
  • Bolton said North Korea violated a UN resolution by testing missiles. [Link]


  • France approved the extradition of an Iranian engineer to the US. The US claims he was attempting to violate sanctions by buying military technology. [Link]
  • Japan’s Prime Minister may meet with Iranian leaders next month. [Link]
  • Moon of Alabama explains the new deployment of US forces to the Middle East is ineffective. [Link]
  • Patrick Shanahan tells Congress the US is deploying 900 additional troops to the Middle East and extending the deployment of 600 soldiers in a Patriot missile system battalion. [Link]

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