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US News

  • Tulsi Gabbard introduced a War Powers bill to remove US troops from Syria. [Link]
  • A State Department official says Russian trolls are to blame for the protests in Chile. [Link] 


  • At least one person was killed and several injured by a grenade attack in Kashmir. Some of the injured were Indian soldiers. [Link]


  • The US spent $132 billion on development projects in Afghanistan since 2002. [Link]


  • The US places sanctions against nine Iranians described as being the Ayatollah’s inner circle. [Link]
  • Iran announces installing new advanced centrifuges and developing a new, more advanced centrifuge. [Link]


  • US troops report lacking order and not understanding the mission. [Link]
  • Turkish backed Syrian rebels attacked Syrian Kurdish positions south of the safe zone. [Link]
  • Turkey says the US continues to hold joint patrols with Syrian Kurds in an agree the US agreed it would clear of armed Kurds. [Link] 


  • Protesters in Iraq blocked a main port over the weekend. The protesters also attacked an Iranian consulate. [Link]
  • Six more people were killed during protests in Iraq. The protesters are being killed with live fire, rubber bullets, and from being directly hit with tear gas canisters. [Link]

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