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US News

  • Police departments are finding facial recognition programs are ot worth the price. [Link]

The New Cold War

  • The Pentagon would like more ice breakers in anticipation of competing in the South Pole with Russia. [Link]
  • US officials says Hazam bin Laden – son of Osama – is dead. [Link]
  • Bolton says the New START Treaty is flawed. The treaty is the last remaining arms control agreement with Russia. [Link]
  • The INF Treaty will officially expire tomorrow. [Link]


  • Secretary of State Pompeo says Trump wants to reduce the number of US troops in Afghanistan by the election. [Link] Pompeo now insists the story was misreported. [Link]
  • The leader of US talks with the Taliban said a final deal could be made during the upcoming talks. [Link]
  • Over 3,800 civilians have been killed in Afghanistan in 2019. More civilians have been killed by the US than the Taliban. [Link]
  • A roadside bomb in Afghanistan killed 34 people. It is believed to be a Taliban bomb. [Link]
  • The US wasted over $100 million dollars on a security compound in Afghanistan that was abandoned before being completed. [Link]


  • Trump will give Iran sanctions waivers for international cooperation on civilian nuclear energy projects. [Link]

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