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Today marks a historic day in the Libertarian Party and the Liberty movement! While some people counted out the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus after the 2018 national convention, we have been working diligently to grow our influence and our body of work. Spurred on by an endorsement by Ron Paul, and a slew of popular libertarian podcasters joining the LP, the LPMC now boasts over 40 organizers across the country. 

These organizers have worked hard to get several members elected as party officers at all levels of the LP, creating county affiliates where they hadn’t existed prior, creating the first-ever blockchain committee,  supporting candidates such as Chad Williams, who was recently elected to city council of Choctaw City in Oklahoma, and supporting Decriminalize Denver’s effort to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms in the city of Denver. So what is next for the group? Today they are unveiling their biggest project yet: Mises PAC. The Mises PAC is a hybrid political action committee that will use one bank account to donate to primarily local and county level Libertarian candidates around the country. The other account, a Super PAC, will be used primarily to start or support already-existing ballot initiative efforts where possible and utilize issue-based coalitions to lobby at the local to state level where initiatives are not available in partnership with the fine folks at the 10th Amendment Center. In short, we are fomenting a decentralized revolution across the country. You can see what kind of actions we are working on specifically here.

A nation, therefore, has no right to say to a province: You belong to me, I want to take you. A province consists of its inhabitants. If anybody has a right to be heard in this case it is these inhabitants. Boundary disputes should be settled by plebiscite.– Ludwig von Mises

The Mises Caucus hopes to bring back some of what made the Ron Paul revolution so special. Anybody that experienced it knows what I’m talking about. The energy, the cohesion, the passion, but most of all the hope that something can be done about the state and its infringements on our liberties. That can be done most effectively within our own communities to insulate ourselves from the tyranny of the federal government. If we can bring people together in liberty in our communities, then we can do it in our states. If we can do it in our states, we can do it in our country. It all starts with *you* and it all starts at home. In short, we are doing what must be done to counter the great evil of the federal government.

If it were in any way possible to grant this right of self-determination to every individual person, it would have to be done.”– Ludwig von Mises

This is a long-view game, but it can be done. Several states have legalized gold and silver as money. Several more have legalized permitless carrying of firearms. Marijuana is now recreationally legal in 10 states and Washington DC. Alabama’s Senate recently passed a bill to remove government from marriage altogether. Psilocybin looks to be the next domino in the drug war between the Decriminalize Denver effort and Oregon’s effort to pass a medical shroom program at the state level.

Many members of the Libertarian Party rightly complain that there is a lack of infrastructure. It’s true, we haven’t had any up until now! But now we have something that can support our candidates and causes wherever in the country they may be. We can’t do this alone. We need volunteers, we need money and we need you to spread the word. Please consider signing up as a monthly supporter for as low as $5.00 a month, or signing up as a volunteer to create some new county LP affiliates, support a candidate or cause. Join our email list. It’s going to take sustained, purposeful action by a tireless minority to carry out our big break-up with the federal government. It’s not us, it’s them. #TakeHumanAction.

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