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After the most authoritarian year in American history, a rapidly growing crowd has had enough of the silence coming from the party of “all of your freedoms, all of the time.” The r3VOLution is back.

The Libertarian message is getting an overhaul. For too long, the principles of the party have become less and less important. Collectivist mindsets and other harmful ideological infiltrations to the party have hampered its progress by obscuring the concept of individual liberty. While there is occasional lip service to the radical ideas presented by the philosophy, too often empty tropes such as “fiscally conservative/socially liberal” have substituted the simple question posed by Murray Rothbard: Do you hate the state?

With rare exception, the party seemed to be abandoning its roots and its purpose causing it to fade further into obscurity. Attempts at pandering to dissatisfied main party voters exacerbated the divide between Libertarians and libertarians. Vaccine passports and mandates have been defended by some at the helm of state and the national parties. Even the word tyranny has become profanity.

Luckily, firebrands like former VP Candidate Spike Cohen and National Secretary Caryn Ann Harlos have managed to break through the noise. Spike has proven that passion and ability to clearly articulate the libertarian viewpoint can lead to ongoing cooperation and collaboration with many diverse groups. His post election presence in the national media, including appearances on Kennedy on Fox Business, rivals that of practically all LP Presidential candidates during the election season combined. Caryn Ann’s exquisite attention to detail, combined with her extensive knowledge of party history and her open and energetic personality has made her a principled and valuable defender of liberty. But the task at hand, to turn the Libertarian Party into the party of the liberty movement, requires more than just a handful of people.

Enter the Mises Caucus. Appreciate the language or not, the takeover is well underway for the group dubbed “the libertarian wing of the Libertarian Party” by Dr. Ron Paul. This is a badge of honor to many in the caucus who credit Dr. Paul with starting their journey down the rabbit hole of Austrian Economics and human liberty. Among them is comedian Dave Smith, whose recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience is possibly one of the best interviews on the libertarian philosophy and the future potential of the LP in recent memory. During the three-hour interview he expressed interest in being the national messenger of the Party as Presidential candidate and laid out exactly why liberty is the answer to the most pressing issues to modern America.

Overcoming cowardice and actualizing potential was the topic of a recent speech from candidate for National Chair Angela McArdle at the Nevada State convention. In it she laid out the importance of developing a successful organization through attracting libertarians and rising to the occasion en masse. Her point is emphasized by the grassroots growth of the Caucus, with social media interactions rapidly turning into introductions to state and county party representatives. If they sense commonality and potential, some of these recruiters, like Matthew Butts in California, will literally message you until you agree to join the party. Further driving Angela’s point, once connected, these new recruits all discover roles to fill and issues deserving of cooperation.

A major benefit to the caucus is its broad range of real world expertise; members range from legal professionals, economists, educators, entrepreneurs, authors, artists, alternative media and podcasters, to veterans, agricultural, blue collar, and food service industry workers. Geographically, the caucus has created a strong presence in many states between starting new county affiliates, winning important seats at state conventions, and have achieved localized success in city and county representation and decriminalization. Brought together with common goals, end the COVID regime, end the wars, end corporate welfare, and end victimless nonviolent crimes, these Libertarians appear to be working together—finally.

As the saying goes,

It’s Happening.





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