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CoronaVirus hysteria has now truly found its way into the soul of our nation.

On September 21st, the CDC released their recommended guidelines for Americans to follow when celebrating Halloween and Thanksgiving. How dead inside are we that we now allow the government to exert its influence on our very own cherished family holidays?

What is even more perplexing is that by the CDC’s own estimations there is not much reason at all for most Americans to live in fear of this virus:

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Looking at these numbers and doing simple math, we discover then that their estimated survival rates are:

Ages 0-19: 99.997%

Ages 20-49: 99.98%

Ages 50-69: 99.5%

Ages 70+: 94.6%

Keep in mind this does not take into account the fact that by the CDC’s own admission only 6% of the total deaths attributed to CoronaVirus have been due to CoronaVirus alone, rather than being due to a preexisting condition or just simply dying with CoronaVirus.

So why is the CDC still selling fear to the American people now that the holidays are around the corner? Perhaps it is because people are not paying attention to the info being put out by the CDC. Rather, people are just paying attention to headlines that are worded in such a way to ensure they provoke fear into the people reading them. This allows the government to act without resistance on the part of the people and thus gain more control over the people.

This seems to be what the government is doing. Around the same time the CDC’s estimations came out, Dr. Anthony Fauci made a statement warning that “We need to hunker down and get through this fall and winter because it’s not going to be easy.” Since then, the dominoes have begun to fall.

New York City seems to be currently planning some sort of lockdown which will include the shutdown of certain businesses as well as private and public schools. All that is in the way of this lockdown being implemented is New York Governor Cuomo disputing with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio over how far this lockdown will go. With the amount of influence New York City has over the rest of the country, we should expect other major cities and states to follow.Fauci could end up being proven right. More people may die. However, he will be proven right for the wrong reasons if more people do die. CoronaVirus will not, as has already been proven, cause a mass amount of deaths across America. What will cause a mass amount of deaths amongst Americans will be the implementation of lockdowns across the country, which has led to record unemployment as well as record business closure this year already. According to a study done by the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Yale School of Medicine, rising unemployment causes a higher death rate. Why is the government not taking this study, along with many others into account when they work out their plans? If they aim to save American lives, they would. If they aim to gain more control over American lives, then why would they?

With all this information laid out together, is it not apparent how brainwashed the American people have become? While Americans have been doing everything the government has told and asked them to do without question, there has been a growth of an unexpected and weird sort of nationalism amongst liberal America. This is a nationalism that preaches “togetherness” as a means of fighting off the CoronaVirus. This “togetherness” means that you will comply with the shut down of the economy, as well as all the mask mandates while doing everything the government asks of you in regards to your personal life. That means “staying home” and cutting yourself off from any kind of social interaction, a notion that totally goes against the fact that human beings are social creatures. If you are against any of this in any way, you are “unpatriotic” and want “people to die”.

On the other hand, all of the social distress triggered by the lockdowns as well as other government problems such as police brutality has led to unrest and rioting in the country. This has caused a resurgence in the type of nationalism popular amongst conservatives in America. This is a nationalism that preaches “law and order” and subscribes to the belief of American exceptionalism. This means that you will support any measures taken by the President, the police state, the military, etc. without question. Any dissent against this is “unpatriotic” and will surely be likened to treason.

These two types of nationalism currently taking form and going up against each other will do nothing but induce the social collapse we are already facing in America. A social collapse that will be induced even more in November when the country chooses between Trump or Biden. This does nothing to achieve the peace and prosperity Americans are always hungry for but never seem to receive.

While “nationalism” is a negative buzzword these days in the American lexicon, it cannot be denied that it is nationalism being developed by both these sides during what the American public has been forced to perceive as a “national emergency”. The only problem is they are confusing the nation’s interest with the government’s interest. That being said, there is a right kind of nationalism not being embraced by either side that is the solution to all of the problems Americans are currently faced with and that is the nationalism this country was conceived by. A nationalism that actually has the nation’s interest in mind.

This is a nationalism that preaches individual liberty, self-responsibility, and civil disobedience against tyranny. This is the nationalism of our Founding Fathers. If you go against any of this and support the government and its actions no matter what, you are not only unpatriotic, you are indeed a tyrant. This makes all of those who follow either the liberal or conservative nationalism of today a tyrant without even realizing it. If peace and prosperity are what both sides so badly want, they must reflect upon the faults in their current views and realize that liberty, not tyranny, is what will pave the road towards those two ultimate ideals.

Only liberty can allow for the economy to prosper. Interventionism on the part of the government into the economy eventually always has negative inverse effects. Only self-responsibility utilized by an individual can be effective in protecting them against a virus. No matter what the government does, they cannot make this virus disappear. Neither can any of their actions render CoronaVirus ineffective since they cannot ensure everyone will follow them. Therefore, why should we allow for “one size fits all” mandates to be put over us? All these mandates do is ensure that the nature of government is being expressed, and that is that one group (the state and its elite beneficiaries) will benefit off the backs of others (small business owners, workers, and all common citizens).

Perhaps, however, the only way we will be able to practice individual liberty and utilize self-responsibility is through civil disobedience. Over this last year, we have allowed the government to have the power to tell us to wear masks, to shut down our businesses, and make us quit working, as well as alter even our personal lives. Once power has been given to the government, it is hard to get back. Therefore, to ensure we get these powers back from the government, we must take them. Civil disobedience is the best tool for that as it is peaceful and influential. The more people see others not willing to put with any nonsense from the government, the more people will then be inspired to follow.

Why is it that this sort of nationalism, which should be inherent in every American born citizen after this country’s founding, seems to be dead? Has tyranny in all of its different outfits reigned for too long? Has statism cemented its grip over America’s soul?

The future will spell things out for us, but let this be a call to action so that we may secure for ourselves the best future possible for us. Regardless of what happens to American hegemony, which seems to on its way out, life will still go and therefore mankind will still go on. Therefore, let us celebrate the holidays and have our social encounters that put beauty and meaning into life. Let us go out and work so that we can increase our prosperity and make our lives. Let us drop the mask and be reminded of how beautiful each and everyone’s unique smile really is. These are things that help make our existences matter to us. Only liberty can offer us such a fortune.


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