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The Pentagon

The acting Defense Secretary has been critical of the F-35. [Link]

The Pentagon accepts midair refueling tankers from Boeing despite flaws. [Link]

Two Green Berets plea guilty to attempting to smuggle about $1 million worth of cocaine from Colombia to the US. [Link]

The Pentagon is taking steps towards withdrawing US forces from Syria. The Pentagon says their orders to withdraw have remained unchanged since Trump announced the withdraw. [Link]

The New Cold War

Russia says they are ready to engage in INF Treaty talks at any time. [Link]

Korean Peace

Moon Jae-in calls on North Korea to take clear steps towards denuclearization and the US to take reciprocal steps of sanctions relief. [Link]  

Middle East

Croatia cancels a $500 million purchase of used American made F-16s from Israel. The US blocked the sale and required the Israelis to remove all upgrade to the planes. [Link]

Iran confirms the arrest of an American. [Link]

Secretary of State Pompeo, “In Lebanon, Hezbollah is a major presence, but we won’t accept this as the status quo.” [Link]

Turkey says it will move forward with a planned invasion of Syria if they US delays their withdraw. [Link]

A Houthi drone attack kills at least six Yemeni government military officers in Aden. [Link]


Taliban attacks leave 32 Afghan soldiers dead. [Link]

Jason Ditz explains the Afghan Air Force is still struggling to function after the US has invested 11 years and $8 billion to build it. [Link]

Congo Election Results

The Congo election commission claims Felix Tshisekedi won the country’s presidential election. There is speculation that the ruling leader’s party was involved in rigging the election. Election observers find Martin Fayulu was the clear winner of the election.  [Link]

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