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The Neocons

The Neocons are returning to influence within the Trump Administration and the Democratic Party. [Link]

Glenn Greenwald on the Democratic elite’s reunion with the neocons and the Democratic voters’ move towards militarism. [Link]

Matt Taibbi: The Return of the Neocons


A new study shows a clear bias towards Israel in US media. [Link]

Rand Paul writes on his opposition to anti-Israeli boycott legislation. [Link]

The Israeli military admits to arming Syrian rebels. [Link]

The Palestinian Authority is cutting aid to the Hamas led government of Gaza. The PA also withdrew their personnel from the Gaza border crossing with Egypt. The border crossing was then closed by the Egyptians. Qatar is replacing some of the aid that has been cut. [Link]  

Korean Peace

South Korea stops referring to North Korea as an enemy in defense reports. [Link]

The US and South Korea are struggling to come to the agreement over how much South Korea will pay the US for the American troops stationed in South Korea. [Link]

Tim Shorrock breaks down Kim Jong-un’s New Years speech. Shorrock explains the potentially positive steps that could be made towards Korean Peace in 2019. [Link]

US Mid East Policy

Curt Mills on Pompeo’s anti-Obama Cairo speech. [Link]

Paul Pillar’s response to Pompeo. [Link]

South Korea resumes importing Iranian oil. [Link]

The Pentagon responded to NSA John Bolton’s request for plans to attack Iran with very limited options. Then-Defense Secretary Mattis advocated against attacking Iran. [Link]

The Afghan Army says the US air support is essential. [Link]

Daniel Larison explains John Bolton’s desire to attack Iran. [Link]

Gareth Porter on the complex politics and biased media coverage of Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops from Syria. [Link]


Saif al-Islam calls for Libyan presidential elections as soon as possible. [Link]  

100s of Sudanese protesters gather for the 4th week. [Link]


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