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Kamala Harris announces she is running for president in 2020.[Link]

How the Democrats 2020 candidates reacted to Trump’s Syria withdraw. [Link]

Police Shootings

The former Chicago police officer who killed Laquan McDonald was sentenced to six years and nine months. [Link]

Three Chicago police officers were acquitted of covering up the murder of Laquan McDonald. [Link]

An Arizona police officer shoots a fleeing 14 year old boy in the back. The boy was carrying a toy gun. [Link]

Korean Peace

North Korean diplomats visit the US for talks. [Link]

Trump said progress was made between the US and North Korea during a visit from North Korean diplomats. [Link]

European News

Two men were arrested for a car bombing in Northern Ireland. No one was injured when the truck exploded. [Link]

A British soldier is suing the Ministry of Defense after he contracted Q fever in Afghanistan. [Link]

German weapon sales dropped 23% in 2018. [Link]

Germany bans an Iranian airline from using Germany airspace. The US pressed Germany to make the move. [Link]


Afghan warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar enters the presidential race. [Link]

At least 126 Afghan soldiers were killed in a Taliban attack on a Afghan Army base. [Link]

The Afghan Army and US forces Kill 57 Taliban in operations across Afghanistan. [Link]

The Taliban meet with the US for talks in Qatar. Last week the Taliban rejected talks with the US in Pakistan because the Afghan government was invited. [Link]


ISIS targets American forces with a bombing in Syria. No American casualties were reported. [Link]

A US airstrike kills 20 civilians in Syria. [Link]

Israel carried out several airstrikes against Iranian targets in Syria. [Link]

The airstrikes hit eight missile defense targets and killed 11 Syrian soldiers. [Link]


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