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Article originally published here on Substack.

Time and tide wait for no man and for those willing and able, the tide is beginning to shift and time to act has never been better. As distrust and discontent for the status quo of establishment politicians grow, so does the opportunity for new electoral representation and a new era in American politics. Culture and governance are slipping into discord and disarray, with individual differences taking the forefront of national attention, a place where the conversation should be based around the strength of the common ideals shared by one of the most diverse populations in the world.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, but what exactly are they, beyond the normal clichés about freedom, liberty, and the American dream? All people want the ability to pursue a life that meets their expectations: to work and create their own existence and achieve some modicum of success, to worship or celebrate in the manner of their choosing, and love and create families with whoever they see fit. Inherent in that experience is the fundamental responsibility to reciprocate that same capability, nurture cooperative prosperity, and defend all individuals’ perspectives and lifestyles that aren’t transgressions against others.

As we have relinquished our power of self determination to the state, it has stolen something even more important: the glue binding the nation together. Our obligation to ourselves, our families, and our neighbors have been cast aside, deferring decisions ranging in importance to an omnipotent and infallible panel of bureaucratic experts. This holds true down to the local level, but unlike state or federal governments, cities and counties are much more susceptible to change and can act as an arbiter between the will of the community and the legal authority of higher agencies and administrations. It is here where the greatest impact can be achieved, where we can regain our autonomy, and where the bulk of our attention must be focused.

The edicts of overzealous executive, federal, or state officials and agencies have no standing when active participation in localized decision making becomes the new social norm. City council members, county supervisors, sheriffs, school boards, and district attorneys play a greater role in our daily lives and the quality of life in our neighborhoods than all of the televised politicians. Attending meetings, presenting resolutions and policy, running for office, and organized political action will allow for better representation; claiming our responsibility will grant us our dominion.

Resistance against this shift towards radical Americanism can already be seen amongst established political organizations and corporate media outlets. A unified populace, bent on taking over, could displace the current vehicles of political expression and influence but should expect and properly prepare for obstruction from every level as this new outlook is adopted by a wider and wider base. If county and state political parties and organizations will impede and combat this change, the battles with state and federal governments will undoubtedly be waged with an unimaginable ferocity, but the reward for the effort will be equally unimaginable.

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