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  • The Pentagon expects to send about 300 more troops to the border. [Link]
  • Trump proposes having asylum seekers pay an application fee. [Link]

US Foreign Policy

  • Biden’s campaign says he opposes continuing US support for Saudi in the Yemeni War. Biden was Vice President when the US entered the war. [Link]
  • Trump is seeking to name the Muslim Brotherhood a terror group. [Link]
  • The Air Force says it needs an additional $4 billion in 2019. [Link]
  • The commander of Gitmo has been relieved of duty. [Link]
  • The US Air Force is increasing ties with Greece as the US relationship with Turkey falls apart. [Link]


  • The US helped drive the coup attempt in Venezuela. [Link]
  • Guaido and the Trump administration believed several top officials in the Maduro government officials were ready to change loyalties during the coup attempt. However, they all remained loyal supporters of the Maduro government. Moon of Alabama argues this suggests the Maduro set up Guaido and Trump. Moon of Alabama also discuss the possibility of a US military attack on Venezuela. [Link]


  • A UK judge sentences Assange to 50 weeks for violating bail. [Link]
  • The Socialist party wins the most seats in Spain’s election. [Link]

North Korea

  • North Korea warns the US will face undesired consequences if it does not offer a more acceptable denuclearization plan by the end of the year. [Link]
  • Bolton says Trump prefers unilateral talks with North Korea and does not want a step by step deal. [Link]

Middle East

  • Phil Giraldi argues the Gazans are the victims of the Israeli government. [Lnk]
  • Turkey arrests 22 Syrians and Iraqis accused of being ISIS members. [Link]
  • Turkey says a Turkish soldier was killed by Syrian Kurds. [Link]



  • Phil Giraldi explains how the deep state worked against Trump. [Link]
  • Larry Johnson details the FBI informants that appear in the Mueller Report. [Link]


  • The US sanctions Venezuela’s foreign minister. [Link]
  • Juan Guaido attempted to overthrow Maduro. Guaido was joined by opposition leader Lopez and a few dozen troops. Thousands of protesters joined Guaido. The coup fizzled without posing a serious threat to Maduro. Massive pro-Maduro protesters turned out to defend the presidential palace. During the protests, a Venezuelan military vehicle ran over some opposition protesters. Lopez has taken refuge in the Chilean embassy.  [Link]
  • Trump tweets if Cuban troops remain in Venezuela, then the US will completely embargo Cuba. [Link]
  • Secretary of State Pompeo says Maduro was prepared to leave Venezuela for Cuba, but Russia talked Maduro into remaining in Venezuela. [Link]
  • US Envoy to Venezuela Elliot Abrams claims the US had negotiated with three high ranking officials in the Maduro government to restore order. [Link]

Southeast Asia

  • Countries surrounding the South China Sea are increasingly using their Coast Guards to try to enforce territorial waters claims. [Link]
  • 272 Indonesian election workers died from overwork. [Link]

Sri Lanka

  • Sri Lankan police arrest three and seize some weapons in connect with the Easter Bombings. [Link]
  • 15 people died during a police raid on the home of the main suspects of the Easter Bombing. The two masterminds and their father were killed in the raid. Six children were killed in the crossfire. Over 100 people have been arrested in connection to the bombings. [Link]
  • Sri Lanka bans face coverings in response to the Easter Bombings. [Link]

Middle East

  • John Kerry says the US should have taken a stronger position against Assad in 2013. Kerry says he pushed for this policy as Secretary of State. [Link]
  • Israel returned two Syrian prisoners. Syria returned the remains of an Israeli soldier. [Link]
  • Video of ISIS leader Baghdadi surfaces for the first time since 2014. [Link]
  • The US uses the F-35 in combat for the first time ever. The plane targeted an ISIS tunnel network in Iraq. [Link]
  • Patrick Cockburn explains ISIS can be defeated if the US ends wars. [Link]
  • A UN report finds the Yemen War will kill 230,000 Yemenis by the end of 2019. Since 2015, 140,000 Yemen children have been killed. [Link]

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