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FBI Investigates Trump

Glenn Greenwald breaks down the FBI investigation of Trump following the firing of James Comey. Greenwald explains how the investigation turned up nothing and was dangerous. He highlights the failures in the mainstream media’s coverage of the investigation. [Link]

Ron Paul and Dan McAdams explain the real story of the FBI investigation. [Link]

Foreign Policy Focus #298 – FBI Investigates Trump, Finds Nothing

US News

A judge rules law enforcement cannot force you to unlock your phone. This ruling includes biometrics passwords like facial recognition and fingerprints. [Link]

Kelley Vlahos explains the important role generals play in the military industrial complex. 625 high ranking Pentagon personnel went to work for weapons makers in 2018. [Link]

Foreign Policy

An internal Navy report on the crash of the USS Fitzgerald that killed seven American sailors finds rampant negligence. [Link]

Maj Danny Sjursen gives his outlook for US foreign policy in 2019. [Link]

During the leadup to the July 2018 NATO Summit, aides claim that Trump was pushing to withdraw from NATO. [Link]

The US threatens to sanction German companies for helping to build the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. [Link]

Southern Border

The Pentagon’s role at the southern border is expanding. [Link]

21 bodies were found after a Mexican gang battle near the US border. [Link]


The Taliban kill 5 Afghan police in Kandahar. [Link]

At least four people were killed and, 90 were injured by a bombing in Kabul. [Link]

Human Rights Watch says Afghanistan’s new Defense Minister is a war criminal. [Link]


The Yemeni military intel chief dies from injuries caused by a Houthi drone attack. [Link]

The UN says the Yemeni warring parties are refusing to meet in the same room. [Link]


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