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Hitler’s drug is often-times overlooked despite it being an important part of the narrative. Here is a brief overview of what Hitler’s drug use entailed.

Pervitin, which was synthesized in 1937 (it’s methamphetamine), was being taken not only by those within the Nazi regime but also by the soldiers sent off to war.

For Hitler, his progression into drug use was quite odd because he was an artsy type who hated drugs, alcohol, and smoking, yet he became acquainted with a guy named Theodor Morell who initially helped Hitler with a stomach issue. What began as glucose and vitamin injections that gave Hitler a boost eventually turned into a smorgasbord of drugs over the next few years. Morell, who recorded each interaction with Hitler (who he called Patient A), met with Hitler almost every day between August 1941 until April 1945.

By 1941, Morell was injecting Hitler with some type of steroid. By 1943, it was Eukodal (basically Heroin). Between July 22 and October 7, 1944, it was cocaine that’d be swabbed in his nose and mouth (this was Merck cocaine too). Then the list goes on and on. Speedballs of Eukodal and cocaine, another drug called Eupaverin, etc. And i’m leaving out a whole slew of intermediary drugs because Hitler’s outlook on the whole scenario was delusional. He thought drugs, smoking, drinking, and being intoxicated were fetishes of the Jews, yet when Morell would give him cocaine for example, Hitler rationalized it based on the fact that “Jews snort it, and clearly that’s not what’s occurring when he swabs a q-tip in my nose.” And Hitler would further rationalized it by switching up the drugs he was being given. By late 1944, his health was getting so bad that he had track marks from so many veins being injected and I believe he developed Parkinson’s disease from all the opiates and uppers. On December 19, 1944, “Hitler ate spinach and soup and then ordered ‘livery and Pervitin, requested because of current excess of work.'” On New Year’s Eve of 1944-45, he was on a mix of glucose, Eukodal, etc., and on April 16, 1945, which was Hitler’s last birthday, Morell was essentially injecting him with any drug he could find.

The book I sourced this from is titled Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich by Norman Ohler.

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