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US News

  • Mayor Pete says he is willing to send US troops into Mexico. [Link]
  • A US military base in Japan is poisoning the groundwater. [Link]


  • Julian Assange’s lawyer says the only computer Assange has access too is inadequate to prepare his defense. [Link]
  • Sweden drops the rape charges against Assange. [Link]


  • Officials of the coup government in Bolivia are threatening opposition legislators and journalists. [Link]


  • North Korea says it is not going to engage in talks with the US just so Trump can brag about it. North Korea wants to put changing the hostile policy on the table. [Link]
  • South Korea rebuffed US demands it pays over $5 billion for US forces deployed to South Korea. [Link]


  • From January through October, the US dropped over 6,000 missiles and bombs on Afghanistan. [Link]
  • An American and an Asutralian hostages were released by the Taliban in exchange for three Taliban officials. [Link] 
  • The Afghan government claims victory over ISIS-K. It says over 600-IS fighters have surrendered to the government over the past few weeks. [Link]


  • Amnesty International reports that over 100 people were killed during protests in Iran. [Link]
  • New documents from Iran are leaking showing how Iran capitalized on the Iraq War to gain influence in a new Iraqi government. [Link]
  • The IRGC warns it will use decisive and revolutionary force to end protests. [Link]

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